CONFIRMED: 15-Year-Old Josh Duggar Molested 5-Year-Old Sister Multiple Times (REPORT)

 In Touch, the publication that first broke news that esteemed right-wing hatemonger Josh Duggar molested five children, has obtained new police report that reveals the speculation that Josh Duggar’s youngest victim could be no older than five to be correct.

The report, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, details numerous acts of sexual molestation against his sisters and a family friend and, perhaps almost as horrific, multiple confessions to Jim Bob Duggar. The report, which is not the same one as a Mike Huckabee-appointed judge ordered destroyed, makes it crystal-clear that a 15-year-old Josh Duggar molested his 5-year-old sister — one of at least seven acts of molestation.

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“James said that in March of 2002 [redacted, Josh] who had just turned 14, came to him very upset and crying,” the new report reads. “James said that [redacted, Josh] had told him that he had been sneaking into [redacted, his sisters’] room at night and had been touching [redacted, his sisters] on the breasts and vaginal areas while they were sleeping.”

The report also reveals that this was not a simple teenage mistake — it was widespread and repeated abuse:

 “[Redacted, Josh] told James that this had occurred 4 to 5 times and had occurred as [redacted] was sleeping on the couch.”

In July 2002, Josh admitted to Jim Bob that he fondled a female friend of the family who was sleeping over as she slumbered.

Nine months after that, when Josh was 15, he touched his 5-year-old sister’s “breasts and vaginal area,” according to the report as he was reading to her, the child on his lap. During the same time frame, he abused the child again in the laundry room.

Josh Duggar, according to the report, would at times go from sister to sister, all of whom were sleeping in a common room at the time.

The report also confirms that the Duggars waited at least 16 months before contacting authorities about Josh’s numerous sexual impositions on the little girls, despite a growing lust for children and increasingly extreme behavior on the part of their son. During that period, In Touch notes, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did not get professional counseling for Josh or the children he damaged irreparably.

Eventually, the children did receive counseling, but the elder Duggars were not clear if it was court ordered after the Families In Need of Services and Arkansas Department of Human Services became involved in the situation. Duggar sued the DHS for its involvement in investigating his crimes in 2007.

Legal experts informed the publication that “Jim Bob and Michelle could have faced six years in prison for their inaction, if the statute of limitations had not expired” had they been charged with Permitting Abuse of a Minor under Arkansas Code 5-27-221.

The Duggars eventually took their son to former State Trooper Joseph Hutchens, but lied about the severity of Josh’s sexual attacks on the children. Hutchens, who is currently serving a 56-year sentence for possession and distribution of child pornography, says that Jim Bob Duggar told him Josh molested a single sister, through the clothes, on one occasion. Had he known the severity, he says even he would have done more to protect the children from their predatory brother.

“I did what I thought was right and obviously it wasn’t,” Hutchens told In Touch. “If I had to do it over again, I would have told him immediately I am going to call the hotline and contacted the trooper that worked those cases and have a full report made. I thought I could handle it myself.”

Josh Duggar was also sent to counseling at a center founded by Bill Gothard, who was forced to resign from his own organization after it was revealed that he was sexually grooming teens and young women. There, Duggar learned that it was the children’s “immodesty” that led him to abuse them and that all he needed to do was claim God forgave him to be able to live life guilt-free.

Many conservatives have proudly stood up for child molestation since the news of Duggar’s crimes first broke. Rick Boyer, a board member of the Home Educators Association of Virginia, recently explained that “abuse is the new racism” in an unhinged rant in defense of Duggar’s crimes.

Jessa Duggar’s father-in-law explained that quite literally anyone would abuse children if there were no consequences, and if the opportunity was there.

“Many times it is simply lack of opportunity or fear of consequences that keep us from falling into grievous sin even though our fallen hearts would love to indulge the flesh,” Michael Seewald said during a lengthy essay in defense of Josh Duggar. “We should not be shocked that this occurred in the Duggar’s home, we should rather be thankful to God if we have been spared such, and pray that he would keep us and our children from falling.”

“Though consequences are sometimes necessary and desired to uphold civil society and to bring temporary justice,” Seewald continued. “Jesus forgives repentant sinners, real sinners: murderers, thieves, child molesters, homosexuals, self righteous church goers, the proud, liars, scoffers, atheists, hypocrites, and any other sinner or combination of them all.”

Even 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee stood up for his favorite child molester, calling Josh Duggar’s detractors in the media “blood-thirsty” and urging “support” for Duggar.

As more details of Duggar’s horrific actions become public, one must marvel at the value of hatred in the conservative world. No matter what a person has done, even if he molested five children a horrific number of times, there is no crime too awful if he hates gay people enough.

You can read the report here:

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