Catholic Hospital Denies Woman Doctor-Recommended Surgery, Citing Hospital’s Religious Beliefs

And so begins the cascade effect of religious “liberty” in America. A hospital refused to perform tubal ligation, (getting her “tubes tied” to prevent pregnancy) on a woman whose life would be endangered if it was not done.

It was painful to hear but ultimately seemed the best course to Jessica Mann and her family. Because of a dangerous tumor in her brain, her doctor gently suggested that she take steps to make sure that she could not get pregnant again.

So Mann, 33, who is due to have her third baby next month, decided that while she was under anesthesia during the birth, she would undergo a tubal ligation — a procedure that would prevent further pregnancies.

But her hospital said no. Genesys Regional Medical Center, which is Catholic, denied the request on religious grounds: Catholic mandates forbid procedures that cause sterilization, including vasectomies, and officials said she did not qualify for an exception.

Source: Sandhya Somashekhar

A hospital, operating in the public sphere and for the public good, is now denying required medical procedures based on religious rules. They are effectively slut-shaming this mother for wanting to control her own reproductive capabilities.

Issues like these are only going to become worse in America, because of everyone wanting to start using their own personal interpretation of religion for their own convenience. Bakers who don’t want to bake cakes, county clerks and judges who will not marry people, and hospitals who are refusing very necessary medical procedures that are doctor-recommended, are all starting to deny services to the public.

Yes, cakes and marriages might not be life-threatening, but the hospital issue definitely is. It could endanger the life of the woman and that of a possible unborn child. Religious institutions should be all over the idea of protecting a potential fetus, right?

The hospital said that Mann should simply get the surgery somewhere else, but her doctor said it was medically unwise. According to her doctor, having another surgery just weeks after undergoing full anesthesia for a C-section, would be detrimental to her health. This means now that Mann will need to find another hospital that will do both procedures at once for her, which is not going to be convenient to say the least. Even worse, she only has about a month to do it.

You know, it’s never easy to hear that. But I have accepted. I talked it over with my husband. We want me to be around. That’s the biggest thing.

It seems that Genesys healthcare can’t be bothered with the idea of Jessica ‘being around’ as it were. Their religious beliefs are more important than ensuring her children have their mother for as long as possible. Would they have told Jesus not to heal this woman?

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