Bill Maher Slams All Religions On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ With This Single Quote

Bill Maher, like many others, has weighed in on the terrorist attack on the Paris offices of “Charlie Hebdo,” a French satirical publication. In doing so, he lambasted Islam, because while he knows that most Muslims would not carry out such an attack, it’s the truth that one of the biggest opponents of liberal free speech is in the primarily Muslim part of the world.

But that wasn’t all he said. He also slammed religion in general. At the end of his appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” he went after liberals calling Islam a great religion, saying, according to “The Raw Story”:

“First of all, there are no great religions. They’re all stupid and dangerous — and we should insult them and we should be able to insult whatever we want. That is what free speech is like.”

For someone who’s liberal, Bill Maher has taken an unusual stance on the entirety of Islam. Liberals, in general, tend to ask that people stop stereotyping an entire religion because of its extremists. Bill Maher, however, has no problem stereotyping the entire religion because of its extremists. He also sometimes goes after Christianity, but has said that the two don’t compare.

We could go into the bloody history of Christianity, which gets done ad nauseam, or we could forget history for a moment because terrorism in the name of Islam is in the here and now. What do we have in this country? We have Christian dominionists, who would throw away part of their cherished Constitution in order to impose Christianity on all of us, whether we want to believe it or not, and justify it by twisting the concept of original intent. Bill Maher did say once that Christianity was like herpes (but he then said that Islam was like cancer).

Are most dominionists violent? No, at least, not now. The KKK and other like-minded groups are outliers at the moment. They do, however, represent a threat to democracy, and to freedom, in ways that are different, but no less insidious, than terrorism.

One has to ask, if the dominionists successfully convert the country to Christianity, would they start considering wars in the Middle East, against Islamic terrorism, to be holy wars? That would put them on the exact same level as groups like the Islamic State, except they’d do it in the name of both the U.S. and Christianity. Christian dominionists already have a nation; they don’t need to fight a holy war to create one (yet). Light of democracy, and the rightness, goodness and truth of Christianity, and all that — what could go wrong?

Bill Maher is an atheist who’s done his share of criticizing Christianity, or at least, Christians. In fact, he’s drawn the ire of the Catholic League for his words about Christians. They call him bigoted for everything he’s said about Christianity.

He hates religion, which might make him a bigot, and yes, he seems to hate Islam more than Christianity. But the point he made is valid, though, given what’s happening with Muslim extremists, and what’s happening here with our own Christian dominionists. Religion is stupid and dangerous.


Featured image by Angela George. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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