Babbling Zealot Accuses Obama Of Locking Up Christians To Keep Them Quiet (VIDEO)

Bryan Fischer, the ersatz leader of the American Family Association, is at it again. This guy is the textbook example of projection. You can bet that anything he claims someone else will do, he’d be happy to do himself.

This time, it’s the incarceration of those who don’t agree with President Obama. This is a song-and-dance the right has been doing since Obama was elected in 2008. The FEMA camp nonsense, which has been debunked by everyone up to and including Popular Mechanics, is one of the major persecution fantasies of the right. Hey, if Popular Mechanics is debunking your political theories, you better know you’re sunk. There are no camps where Christians are going to be imprisoned and if you think so, you’d better adjust your tin-foil hat.

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But regular prisons can be used in this twisted vision, as one of Fischers callers noted. The caller said that the 6,000 non-violent prisoners of the failed War on Drugs are being released to make room for Christians. Fischer loved this. He jumped on the chance to promote one of his favorite conspiracy theories:

I think that is where we would go if he had his way. I honestly do. I believe that is where we would wind up, if he could do what he wanted to do without any kind of restriction, he would lock people up who disagree with him, and that’s us. Conservative Christians are the ones who have the biggest problem; he’s pro-abortion, he is pro-sodomy and those are the great moral issues of our day. We’re against them and he doesn’t like our dissent, he doesn’t like the disagreement and he would be perfectly willing to use incarceration as a tool to shut us up.

Dude, please. If he wanted to shut you up by tossing you in prison, you’d be in orange overalls by now. What a ridiculous idea. President Obama has put up with more disagreement, more dissent, more ridicule and more calumny than any other president in modern (maybe all of) history. If he wanted to shut his critics up, he would have done so long before now.

But this is part of the pseudo-Christian “victim” mentality. They have a narrative that they are the ones who are persecuted. It’s ludicrous, but they keep flogging it; in their minds, it’s early Rome all over again:

The frantic warnings, fueled by individual persecution myths, range from the insistence that conservative Christians are losing their right to free speech to the claim that the U.S. is on the verge of instituting unconstitutional hate speech laws to dire predictions that religious faith itself might soon be criminalized.

No, Bryan Fischer, you’re not going to prison for voicing your opposing views. But I’d lay money that if you had the chance to toss liberals in jail, you’d never blink an eye. See, it’s projection; you say we will do what you would do. It’s a scary look into the mind of the religious right.

Here’s the video courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


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