Anna Duggar Leaves Josh Amid Sex Scandal, Family Reportedly Pushing For Divorce

Anna Duggar and her children are perhaps the biggest victims of all in the wake of the revelations that her husband, 19 Kids and Counting star and now-former Family Research Council executive Josh Duggar, not only molested five children as a teenager–including his own sisters– but also had two accounts on the infamous infidelity site, Ashley Madison. Josh reportedly went to a Christian rehab center for help with his sex addictions (yeah, that worked so well last time, right?), but, in the midst of all the turmoil, his wife Anna seems to have wised up, as Hollywood Life is reporting that Anna has left her troubled husband and is now living with her parents.

‘Anna’s staying with her mom in Florida,” a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to us. ‘She’s having a tough time and needed the support, so she took the kids and moved back in with her mom. Josh is still in rehab getting no doctor supervision whatsoever.’

The source went on to describe just how uneasy life is for Anna these days. ‘It’s a really stressful time for Anna,’ they said. ‘She’s being pulled in different directions.’

Well, I would think that she would definitely take her children away, given the fact that Josh is a known child molester. That sort of thing doesn’t just go away, and certainly it won’t with the “help” Christian witch doctors.

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That’s not all, either. It seems that Anna’s family wants to save her from the Duggars’ cultish clutches for good, and are urging her to file for divorce. Now, the Duggars are members of the Quiverfull movement, a Christian cult that teaches all manner of disturbing things, including the idea that victims of sexual abuse are at fault for their own molestation, that women and girls are pretty much worthless and only exist to do the bidding of men and boys– you get the idea. So, to that end, if Anna is indeed brainwashed into this cult, it will be very difficult to get her to break ranks with the Duggars and leave her child molesting, cheating husband.

Hollywood Life also reveals that not only has Anna temporarily left Josh with the kids, but her brother is pushing her to make the split permanent:

‘[Anna’s brother] Daniel [Keller] is leading the charge to get Anna out of her dysfunctional marriage and away from her cheating husband,’ a source told Hollywood Life.

‘He has rallied a couple of their sisters and brothers to take this opportunity to talk some sense into Anna. They know when she’s at home surrounded by the Duggars and their friends, Anna will never listen to them. But Daniel and the others are hoping that getting her away from the Duggar clan will help. They want to stage a family meeting or divorce intervention and really tell Anna how they feel.’

Source: Hollywood Life

Well, if this source is correct, and Anna’s brother has as much pull as they seem to think, this could very well be the end of Josh and Anna’s marriage. It would be all for the best, too, considering all Josh has done. Hopefully, Anna listens to her family, if only for the sake the most vulnerable victims of all in this: her children. Good luck to those little ones– goodness knows with a father like that, they’ll definitely need it.

Featured image via video screen capture from Raw Story

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