Zimmerman Reaches A New Low Even For Him — Tweets A Picture Of Trayvon’s Dead Body (IMAGE)

It’s not good enough for George Zimmerman that he got away with murder. It never has been. In and out of jail for gun-related offenses several times since, this despicable excuse for a human being has shown what the worst of the right truly looks like. Zimmerman has used the death of an innocent teenager to his advantage for both financial gain and to satisfy his own narcissistic need to be in the news.

He recently decided that killing a kid for being too black in a white neighborhood wasn’t enough conservative heroism, so he jumped on the confederate flag bandwagon, supporting the imbecile who decided he now runs a “Muslim-free” gun shop in Florida. The proceeds of the sale of prints and the auctioning of the original were to go to a cause Zimmerman believes in: His bank account.

Zimmerman is a true scumbag, through and through – not a decent bone in his body. To prove just how narcissistic he is, he felt the need to re-tweet a picture of the young man he killed, showing not only a sociopathic lack of remorse but actual glee that he ended a life that barely had a chance to begin:

If You Only News chose a re-tweet of Zimmerman’s abhorrence that blacked out the image of Trayvon out of respect for him and his family.

For this low-life to retweet that image for ANY reason shows a lack of respect for so many things it’s not really worth listing. First and foremost would have to be himself. Soldiers in battle and seasoned police officers have a hard time coping with the fact that they’ve taken a life. George Zimmerman’s life is so utterly demented and sad that he takes pride in his kill.

To put that picture out there like some kind of trophy shows a dangerous mentality; one that many would agree would probably kill again if given the chance.

Feature image via Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

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