You Won’t Believe How This Bystander Stopped Drunk Racists From Harassing Muslim Man

Horrific events like the attack on Paris can bring out the best and worst in humankind. For many, the response is that of amazing empathy and compassion for their fellow-man. For others, fear and hatred drives them into the darker corner of our base instincts.

A gentleman from New York shared a story on his Facebook page which illustrates both of those scenarios. He explains that he was in a corner store in the middle of the night. While waiting in line, two men began harassing a man of Middle Eastern descent. One of the men says to the man:

I hope you’re real f*cking proud of what your people did in Paris tonight, you sandn*gger motherf*cker.

Because clearly they were likely very proud of their brother from South Carolina who entered a church and killed African-Americans for being black. Sadly, they likely were. I say this not based upon their race, but their actions.

The other man then says:

I can’t wait for Trump to become President and sends your Muslim ass back to Syria.

That is when the author of the story stood up in the name of simple human compassion and logic with a simple phrase:

Hey do you guys like Korean food?!?

Fortunately, even flawed racists get hungry and can be persuaded by food, much like any other wild animal. The author also offered to pay for their purchase, if they would get out of there.

They took the bait and left.

Once those guys left, the man looked at me, started to cry, and softly said ‘thank you… thank you’. I just came to him and we hugged each other and I started to cry with him, as if I could feel his pain from the constant racial abuse he faces daily – all because he’s Muslim.

While the human connection here is noteworthy for its heartwarming message of brotherly love, the underlying motivation is far more important.

I’m sharing this story with you guys because I think it’s important to note that the goal of ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist groups is to disrupt our way of life by creating a viscious cycle of hate that breeds xenophobia in our society, leading to further disenfranchisement amongst many in the Muslim community, which creates fresh recruits for the ‘Caliphate’. I’m telling you now that the best way to say ‘fuck you ISIS’ is by breaking that very cycle of hate – through acts of kindness and love.

I’ll repeat that.

The best way to say ‘Fuck You, ISIS'” is “through acts of kindness and love.

As cliché as it sounds, this really is one instance where “all you need is love.” Not because we want to join hands and sing “Kumbaya My Lord” but because anger, hate and indifference only play into the hands of our enemy.

Read the Facebook post in its entirety below:


Featured image via Flickr/Stefan Georgi and Facebook screen capture

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