You Won’t Believe How This Black Cop Responded To A Klansman Having A Heat Stroke (IMAGES)

The racists of the south refuse to let their symbol of hate go quietly. Yet another rally in Columbia, South Carolina had tensions high between demonstrators om both sides of the issue at hand. The protest, dubbed a “heritage” rally by people who claim not to be racists, was chock full of equality-minded symbols like confederate rags, swastikas and the ever popular confederate rag complete with swastika. Not-racist demonstrators gave Hitler salutes and shouted “white power,” because the confederate rag is about history and heritage, not hate.

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In the excruciating afternoon heat of the summertime in South Carolina, one of the bigots, complete with T-shirt displaying Nazi symbols, appeared to suffer a heat stroke and was helped to the shade and given water by South Carolina Dept. of Public Safety Director Leroy Smith, an African-American man who was able to put aside his personal feelings and in a moment that showed exactly why the white supremacists of America are pieces of sh*t, helped the man to feel better so he could rejoin his pals yelling racist slurs and gorilla grunts at black people.

Director Smith should be commended for his actions, as should all of the black officers on site to keep the peace that day under such incredibly hateful circumstances. In this tweet, a black cop is shown standing over and protecting a racist in a confederate rag shirt laying helplessly on the ground:

The KKK and Nazi demonstrators were met with resistance by protesters who are sick and tired of the racism. From all races and walks of life, the protesters carried signs that said things like “we’re sick of you,” and “F*ck Racism.” According to the right-wing propaganda machine, the counter-protesters were Black Panthers looking to start trouble when the peaceful Nazis and Klansmen just wanted to express their opinions like the first amendment says they can.

Delusional racists supported by delusional racists. That’s the American right-wing.


H/T: Addicting Info | Image: Twitter

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