World’s Dumbest Racist Loses His Job Because Of This Message He Sent To Black Lives Matter (IMAGES)

Racists just aren’t smart. It comes with the territory — smart people don’t condemn others because of things they can’t control, like the color of their skin. But there are some racists who are definitely dumber than others, and one of the dumbest appears to be a Minnesotan named Brad Schultz.

It seems that Mr. Schultz had an issue with the Black Lives Matter protest at the Mall Of America, so he sent this Facebook message to the group on Christmas Eve:

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via Daily Haze

via Daily Haze

Schultz apparently didn’t know that there is no such thing as “private” on the internet. His message was shared, along with his profile information, which revealed to the world that he worked for Archer Daniels Midland Corporation.

via Daily Haze

via Daily Haze

ADM got phone calls. Of course, they investigated and didn’t like what they saw. Apparently at some point, a wiser person — his boss, a concerned relative, a six-year-0ld — told him that he needed to cover his ass. So he sent another message to Black Lives Matter:

via Daily Haze

via Daily Haze

He didn’t even use the “Hey, I was drunk!” defense.

ADM was not impressed with the apology to Black Lives Matter that seemed to come only after Schultz realized that his employment matters, at least, to him. On December 27, ADM Mankato posted three tweets about the situation:

ADM Tweet 1

ADM Tweet 2

ADM Tweet 3

You can’t help but wonder if anyone has sent Brad Schultz a message telling him to “get off his ass, get a job.”

Given his “apology” message, Mr. Schultz now seems to be aware that the First Amendment protects you from being jailed, or having your rights taken away by the government because of something you say. It does not protect you from your employer when you decide to be an asshole.

Featured image via Daily Haze

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