Whoohoo! Ferguson City Manager John Shaw Resigns

Ferguson City Manager John Shaw, who was named in the Justice Department’s scathing report has resigned from his position. On Tuesday evening the Ferguson City Council voted 7-0 to accept a mutual separation letter from City Manager John Shaw. The former manager released a statement that said:

I have done everything in my power to work with countless groups to bring about positive change and strengthen our community. Although I am stepping down from my role as city manager, as a resident of Ferguson, I stand ready to assist in any way I can to help for the community’s future. [Source]

Shaw is the fifth person to resign or be fired since the Report of the DOJ was released. Last week two police officials resigned, Ferguson Municipal Court Clerk Mary Ann Twitty was fired over racist emails, and Ferguson Municipal Judge Ronald Brockmeyer who drove up court revenue resigned.

The DOJ Report accused the city of basically operating like a pre-Civil Rights Southern police department. African-American residents accounted for over 90 percent of the arrests in the city. They were also ticketed at higher rate than their fellow Caucasian citizens. The police department was operated as a revenue machine instead of a public service agency.

Shaw’s job was to oversee all of the departments in the city, including the Ferguson PD. It was also his job to nominate the municipal judge.

Clearly Shaw wasn’t doing the job Ferguson citizens paid him to do. Under his watch the police were allowed to harass and discriminate against over 60 percent of the population of the city. There was absolutely no accountability.

He claims that he worked with groups to bring positive change, but it seems as though the officials in Ferguson need a dictionary because the environment was anything but positive.

Hopefully in the coming days and weeks we will see more officials stepping down. In 2015, this kind of behavior is completely unacceptable and it is an embarrassment, not only to Ferguson, but the entire country.

Featured image via The Guardian


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