White Supremacists Deface, Destroy Ohio Interracial Couple’s Home (VIDEO)

Pat and Joe Jude are used to the bigotry that is hurled at them because of their interracial marriage. Sadly, the discrimination still exists in America. They had a child commit suicide after he was relentlessly bullied for being of mixed race. That was, of course, the worst thing any parent could ever go through. However, what they returned home to after the Thanksgiving holidays with their other child was quite awful, too.

They found the house they once dreamed of retiring indefaced with “white power” on every available surface, along with swastikas. That wasn’t all, either. Cement was poured down the drains, paint was poured down the stairs, and the entire place was flooded due to broken pipes. Pat says of the damage:

“They hit every cabinet with paint. They hit every wall with paint. They hit every appliance, they poured paint into the appliances. They poured cement down the drains. I mean there is nothing that is salvageable.”

Of their son’s suicide six years ago, Jude continued:

“We’ve gone through that. You never get over it, but then you come in here, and it’s the same kind of stuff.”

This is why it is so important to keep the conversation about race open. I know that it makes people uncomfortable, but all of this “color blind” and “it’s just identity politics” stuff is not helpful, not when things like this keep happening. We have a lot of work to do before America is anywhere near “post-racial.”

Watch the news report below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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