White Supremacist Charged With Threatening To Shoot The President

Cameron James Stout, 24, of Stover, Missouri was charged on Tuesday with threatening to shoot President Obama with a high-powered rifle.

According to police, an informant told a Morgan County sheriff’s deputy that Stout asked him for a rifle and help concocting a plan to shoot the president. The informant, a former member of the Aryan Nation, told Stout that he would put him in touch with a high-ranking member of the white supremacy organization so they could come up with a plan together. Unfortunately for Stout, that high-ranking member was an undercover cop.

Police say Stout drew up diagrams of Washington D.C. and discussed places that he could shoot at the White House from. He also told the men that he could take the president out at the church Obama attends. Ultimately he decided that he would assassinate him the next time he visited Kansas City with a .270-caliber rifle with a scope he had.

That’s when he was arrested. Stout is now in federal custody and a U.S. magistrate judge ordered that he be held.

The right often claims that liberals are wrong when we say racism has everything to do with why the president is hated so much. That is a load of bull.

Here we have a guy, who went to a white supremacy group to get help with his plot to kill President Obama. He went to these people because he knew that if he was going to take Obama out, these were the people who would support him. Why? Because the white supremacists HATE that there is a black guy in office.

Since Obama has taken office, post-racial America has exploded in hate and the right has fueled the fires. The Republican Party tells these people, who already hate African-Americans, that Obama is a traitor who is going to destroy America. They tell them that he is “shredding the Constitution” that he is going to take their guns, blahblahblahblah. Is it any wonder people like Stout want to kill him?

There have been so many plots to kill President Obama that there is an entire Wikipedia page devoted to the assassination attempts.

You often hear the right-wing exclaim,”Obama hates guns but has the Secret Service protecting him with guns! What a hypocrite!” This is why! The crazies on the right are obsessed with killing him. Make no mistake, attempts on his life are a direct result of Republican hate and Obama Derangement Syndrome.

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