White Ohio Man Terrorizes Kids With Gun: ‘Send The N*ggers Back To Youngstown’

It’s almost like a day fails to go by without someone proving the GOP’s claim that racism is over in America to be almost as farcical as the final season of Dexter. This time, an Ohio man harassed a group of boys — some of whom were black — chasing the children through the neighborhood with his trusty firearm, threatening them and hurling slurs.

On Monday, two juveniles reportedly got into a fight outside Gust Mamounis’ home as five other boys watched. In a video obtained by police, Mamounis can be seen exiting his home and cocking a gun. The children, realizing the threat to their safety, left the area — but their  encounter with the Ohio ammosexual was just beginning.

According to police, the 38-year-old man dialed 911. While on the phone with police, Mamounis followed and menaced the children, hurling slurs and threats — all of which was captured during the call, which was recorded.

Mamounis told the dispatcher that he was armed, and that he would shoot the children because one of them allegedly assaulted his daughter. The totally sane, and certainly not racist individual went on to explain that one of the kids is a “white trash n*gger lover.”

In the four-minute recording, Mamounis hurled so much profanity that WKBN, who reviewed the tape, refused to post the audio. According to the station,  Mamounis said “n*gger” nine times and “f*ck” 29 times, as well as “other curse words.”

Mamounis instructs the dispatcher to  “Send the n—–s back to Youngstown where they belong,” indicating that he does not pay his Struthers taxes to “live in the ghetto.”

When police arrived, Mamounis demanded that they arrest all of the children, but instead found himself in cuffs.

Mamounis, despite evidence, told WKBN that he did not have a gun, and was not chasing the kids. He says he was innocently walking behind them to get more information from them. He also claims, even though his words were recorded, that he did not say “n*gger” at all.

Despite his apparent attempt to portray himself as innocent, a former neighbor (who has asked to remain anonymous for his and his family’s safety) tells If You Only News that this is normal behavior for Mamounis.

“Gust was my next door neighbor when we lived in Ohio. He used to wear his gun on his hip when he had cookouts,” the former neighbor, whom we shall call “Berpert,” explained. “I had to keep my kids inside because he and his friends drank heavily and played with guns.”

“He’s a dangerous little man who carries a gun to compensate for his size,” Berpert continued. “He’s a scumbag through and through.”

“I’m not at all surprised to hear about the incident in Struthers,” she said. “Gust was always a loud-mouthed racist.”

In the Facebook group “American Arms and Associates,” Mamounis bemoans a time he was arrested for carrying his handgun without a valid concealed carry permit.

6-18-2015 10-12-43 PM

In the comments, Mamounis explains that police “towed [his] car” and “confiscated [his] d.n.a.”

I want my d.n.a back….and my rights,” he wrote. “I feel so violated.”

It seems that Mamounis is quite good at playing the victim — though he does appear to have quite the criminal background, including receiving stolen property, misuse of a credit card, aggravated burglary, and other offenses.

Mamounis was charged with aggravated menacing, disorderly contact and inducing panic, but was released on a $300 bond.

According to Struthers Police Detective Jeff Lewis, the department intends to pursue an ethnic intimidation charge, as well.

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