White Neighbors Send A Letter To A Black Family: ‘You Don’t Belong’ (IMAGES)

A black family living on Long Island for two years got a good dose of racism in the mail recently with a return address that just said “community.” Lindenhurst, a small town on the south side of the island, was home to Joy Behar and Pat Benetar.

It’s also home to at least one racist jackwagon who sent the letter, thinking they were acting on behalf of their entire town:

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The chicken scratch is easily identifiable as being sent by a low-information scumbag  who dropped out of school when cursive was too difficult to comprehend. The poorly written letter with horrible grammar is further evidence that someone who loves Gadsden flags and uses the word “thug” synonymously with black people wrote it:

The letter was sent to Darcell Copes and her family. Copes is now fearful that somebody will try to harm her family, and she wants to know who:

I went from being fearful, protecting my family, to being totally confused, and wanted to know who and why. Today, it becomes even deeper: is it someone in the school district, is it the guy at the corner store, is it my neighbor down the street? Where?

Darcell’s Daughter Ronica uploaded the letter to Facebook, where it has gone viral:

“Sooooo, I’m checking my mail and when I come across this I can’t help but laugh😄…wait, it’s not funny though. Where they do that at? Oh yeah Lindenhurst. Unbelievable but then it’s not… our daily reality, I’ve just never seen it in this form.

Officials in Lindenhurst released a statement condemning the act:

The best way to fight bias is with solidarity and we stand with all of our residents in declaring that there is no place for this type of intolerance and hatred in the Village of Lindenhurst, the Town of Babylon, or anywhere in our community. We are, and always will be, a strong diverse community that does not cede ground to hostility, ignorance, or hatred, wherever it may appear.

No news yet as to who’s responsible for this heinous show of hate and disrespect, but certainly when the perpetrators are found they’ll be waving their confederate flag and wearing their “Don’t Tread On Me” T-shirt all the way to jail.

Image: Facebook

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