What Liberal Trolls Did To The ‘Support Eric Casebolt’ Page Is Comedy Gold (SCREENSHOTS)

When a conservative wingnut decided to create a Facebook page to support (former) McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt, he probably didn’t count on the inevitable arrival of Liberal Trolls. Compassionate and fair in their personal politics, there’s nothing more despicable to a Liberal Troll than ignorance supporting stupidity.

This particular page was in for an unexpected surprise. Not only did the trolls show up to deliver support for the teenagers Casebolt assaulted, one clever participant went undercover and convinced the page owner he could help. Before the page ever got off the ground, a liberal took control of it and turned it into something wonderful.

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And so it began. The “New Admins” set out on a mission to turn a page dedicated to a hateful little freak with a Napoleon Complex and obvious Daddy issues into a fun-filled experience for all. By the beginning of the following day, the mindless nimrods who actually supported Casebolt had mostly gone away and the trolls had multiplied.

The original admins weren’t too happy, of course. They have apparently alerted the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. Hopefully they have task forces dedicated to the hostile takeover of free Facebook pages by people with opposing political views.


The growth of the page was due in large part because of the arrival of the goats. You may remember a 2014 trend called “goating,” where liberal trolls would con their way into conservative page admin roles, remove all the other admins and cover the page in goats. While the practice of goating seems to have gone away, the goat-herd that provided the hours of laughs at the expense of conservatives was eager to post their memes and support the takeover.


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America the GOAT Generation's photo.

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There’s nothing quite like a good goating to brighten your day. The new owner of the Support McKinney Police Officer Eric Casebolt page told IfYouOnlyNews.com that the page will remain open as an educational resource. He intends to post suggestions for dealing with police who don’t understand their job description and links to help people understand their rights.

Hopefully the occasional goat makes an appearance.

Featured image: Facebook

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