‘What Hypocrites!’ Insane Texas Lt. Gov. Rages At #BLM Protesters For Running Away From Gunfire (VIDEO)

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick found a new way to dishonor the lives of the five officers killed in Dallas by condemning the unarmed protesters that ran away from the sniper fire and blaming the whole terrible ordeal on Black Lives Matter. In an interview on Fox News (of course), Patrick ranted about the evils of black people protesting police brutality and how they shouldn’t expect the police to protect them if they keep doing it:

All those protesters last night, they turned around and ran the other way expecting the men and women in blue to protect them. What hypocrites!” said an audibly emotional Patrick.

As Gov. Greg Abbott issued an open letter calling on Texans to calmly unite and come together, Patrick took a more combative tone. He blamed Black Lives Matter protesters for the violence against police and said people “with big mouths are creating situations like we saw last night.

When Greg Abbott is the voice of reason in the room, you know you’ve gone off the deep end.

Amazingly, Patrick really suggested that the police will stop doing their job if people don’t stop criticizing them. I’m unfamiliar with the part of American law enforcement tradition that says “Don’t be mean to us or we’ll stay home and pout.” Perhaps they added it after cell phone cameras exposed the out of control violence of the police?

What Patrick neglects to mention is that the police in Dallas were marching WITH the protesters as many cops have done in many cities. While it’s indisputable that there is a systemic problem involving race and lethal force, it’s also indisputable that there are officers who work very hard to reach out to minority communities. Patrick is basing his rant on the “good apples/bad apples” argument that says there are only a few bad cops. Yet, he also says that the protesters were hypocrites for expecting the police to protect them and the police may not do that much longer?

Which is it? Are the police the good guys that are willing to lay their lives down to protect even the people protesting them or are they the bad apples that can’t take any criticism? It can’t be both at the same time.

Patrick also neglects to mention that the protesters were the ones that showed the police where the shots were coming from, reducing the time it took to locate the sniper and almost certainly reducing the number of police fatalities in the process.

But who cares about any of that? Lt. Gov. Patrick has racial tensions to stoke and people to divide. It’s what a real leader does in a time of mourning.

Here’s Patrick’s disgusting rant:

Featured image via video screen grab

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