WATCH: Republican Governor Threatens To Destroy Private Charities If They Help Refugees (VIDEOS)

In the latest sickening display of pure Republican hate and contempt for the law, Texas Governor Greg Abbot has ordered the Health and Human Services Commission, and the Texas Department of Public Safety, to cease all aid to Syrian refugees that require assistance being resettled in the state.

KHOU reports, that a letter sent to Catholic Charities, Interfaith Ministries, and the YMCA International Services among others, has stated the state of Texas will suspend all federal funding that these agencies receive, if they make the choice as a private charity to assist any Syrian refugees. Remember these are private charities, and Republicans are the party of “make government smaller and get it out of peoples’ way.”

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Although the money to these charities comes from the federal level, it is accepted first by the state government before being distributed to the charities. The state can simply cease accepting the funding and it will effectively destroy the entire charity.

Immigration attorney Gordon Quan gave comment on the issue:

It puts them in a situation that I think is very uncomfortable. This is basically saying, ‘Don’t do resettlement. If you do resettlement of these Syrian refugees, you may be endangering the whole program that you have.

The legality and constitutionality of this is unclear at best. There are already more than 200 refugees living in Texas for over a year now, and it is possible that when facing a legal challenge, this decree may be found discriminatory towards a particular ethnicity.

It is absolutely disgusting that Republicans would use something like this as essentially blackmail to hurt these people. They were made refugees by Republicans in the first place, when Republicans tried to bomb the Middle East into “freedom”.

Watch KHOU News reporting on the issue below:

Watch Greg Abbot smugly give his decree, justifying the threat of destroying charities in his state below:

Featured Image via KHOU screen capture

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