WATCH: Fox News Host Says Stop Hassling Cops That Kill Kids ‘This Stuff Just Happens’ (VIDEO)

12-year old Tamir Rice is back in the news after a grand jury failed to indict the officers that shot him dead. Of course, when Fox News weighs in on anything like this, they usually do so on the side of those who were wrong. Tamir Rice’s death is no exception. Fox Business host Charles Payne believes that police officers should be able to do their jobs “without ridicule,” and without groups like Black Lives Matter springing up.

Payne also said the following:

How can we get through these things that are going to happen — you’re simply going to have these incidents happen — and still be able to let the police do their job without any kind of real serious ridicule or things like Black Lives Matter? It feels like it’s catch-22 right now.

So basically, these “incidents” are going to happen and everyone should be perfectly fine with the police indiscriminately shooting black people at a much higher rate than white people. Sure.

Nobody’s ridiculing the police, they’re calling out a severe injustice. Of course, right-wing commentators are never going to understand that because they don’t see it as an injustice. Our police forces are trained too heavily in the use of force and hardly at all in de-escalation, which could possibly put a stop to a lot of this.

Instead, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in 1989 that allows officers significant leeway to pull the trigger. Their judgment is legally based on whether a reasonable officer would have pulled the trigger. The word “reasonable” is extremely vague and subject to interpretation.

Furthermore, these situations must be reviewed from the perspective of the officer involved, not an objective perspective.

In short, all an officer has to say is that he felt he was in danger. Unless there’s overwhelming evidence to the contrary (and sometimes, not even then), no grand jury will indict him even if he flat-out murdered someone.

Payne’s guest reminded him that the officer who shot Tamir Rice shouldn’t even have been on the police force, but then he said that we have to get politicians out of the way to let cops do their jobs. Watch their idiotic comments below:



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