WATCH: Florida Walmart Had Black Man Arrested For Shopping ‘Too Slowly’ (VIDEO)

A Walmart in Pensacola is under fire today after calling the police on four men who were doing nothing but shopping – too slowly.

In the video, you can hear a cop harassing the men, all young and African-American, for not buying anything, despite the fact that they had merchandise in a basket. She even screamed at them, “Leave the Walmart now!”

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To which the men responded:

We can still pay for our stuff, though.

The men were still reasonably respectful to the cop — they didn’t raise their voices or act in a threatening manner, but one was handcuffed at about the 1:30 mark and then taken to a police car.

One of the men was in a wheelchair cart, which apparently offended the store manager and the cop, but when one of the others explained that the man in the wheelchair had been in a car accident the week before, the cop responded:

That’s not our problem.

The cops, implying that they worked for Walmart and not for the people of Pensacola, said:

“Walmart doesn’t want you here and our job is to make you leave.”

One of the men then said:

This is so racist, this is racist as f***.

A cop responded:

Yeah it is, now take off.

Here’s the video (one of the key parts repeats at the end, but they could be worth a second and third viewing):

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