Watch #Ferguson On Twitter Explode Across the Country (MAP)

Two things happened Monday night that are no surprise to anybody – the “justice system” failed Michael Brown (all of us, really), and social media erupted in a storm of tense defiance as verbally violent as any riot in community streets. Today, Darren Wilson walks free and clear, thrilled with his newfound freedom, infamy, and new marriage, and Michael Brown’s family still mourns for their lost, unarmed son.

News of the dubious verdict began spreading immediately across social media after its 9:20 PM EST announcement. Friends and families pulled no punches with each other. Online social groups became ugly yelling barrooms filled with defensiveness and archaic racial slurs. It’s been bedlam ever since, with every citizen tuned into the racial injustices upon which the United States has been built staunchly speaking out against such a travesty, while the less awakened blind to their own skin like polar bears in a whiteout continue to insist justice has been served (on the most innocent, naïve side), or vomit every derogatory racial slur and stereotype you can think of since the founding of the country.

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Protests grew especially tense, as one might imagine, in the greater St. Louis area, but protests also took place all across the country, from coast to coast, from NYC, to Oakland, Calif., as well as in Chicago and several other smaller communities, no doubt. More than 60 people were arrested around St. Louis in defiance of the verdict, alone.

Yet as one savvy social media activist friend of mine, Cat Guarnieri, put it Tuesday:

I understand everyone is angry and hurt, believe me I get it. I know I don’t usually take this point of view, but hear me out…. If your [sic] an activist, hippy, freedom fighter or any of the latter today is it. Had Darren Wilson been indicted it would have just strengthen [sic] the belief that our country has a just system, which we all know is false… Today is it, our movement is alive and well!!! The country is in an uproar and they all AGREE WITH US!!! We finally have the numbers to make a difference, the average citizen awoke this morning in disgust with a broken system!!!!! Can’t you see that finally, finally we might be able to make a difference??? Had there been an indictment, all the people that were praying for justice to be served could sleep easy knowing the government did its job… The mass awakening has happened and ppl are angry and scared, as they should be. Now is the time to organize, to change the wave of action to positive outcomes. Stop allowing anger to make u bitter and fight for what is right and just!!!! Help those new to these emotions channel them positively and without violence!! we have a job to do friends, every last one of us is needed on the front lines today!

You can see her post embedded below and follow the conversation below it, or choose to even take part in the dialogue:

Watch how the #Ferguson taunts, discussions, fights and debates bloomed across the country on Twitter like the rocket’s red glare dropping yellow bombs of controversy across the nation below:

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