WATCH: Cops Under Fire After Rodney King-Like Beating Of Subdued Suspect (VIDEO)

Of course, we know not every single cop that exists is bad. However, we also know that not every single cop that exists is good. We can be critical of abuse of power and position by bad cops, without it meaning we do not support the ones who are good and responsible civil servants, as well. Far too often when people, particularly minorities, cry out in real pain because of police brutality, they are met with ignorant rebuttals such as “#BlueLivesMatter.”

The willfully tone-deaf attitude towards institutionalized brutality in America needs to be left behind. Cops have got to realize they need to work on resolving their issues from within, and a hashtag is not going to fix it for them.

The latest example of exactly freakin’ why people are pissed off at cops occurred in Alameda County, California where a suspect was chased on foot in San Francisco’s Mission district. The man was taken to the ground, did not attempt to get up, and did not attack the officers or make an attempt at resisting when the two officers immediately began brutally beating him with their nightsticks.

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The suspect just laid there, trying to guard himself reflexively from blow after blow after blow by the cops. These were not rinky dink little dings to try to keep someone in their place either. These were double-handed overhead downward strikes, repeatedly rained on this helpless suspect. It is as if they were whipped into some kind of frenzied blood lust.

This part is particularly important to know. The cops kept beating him over and over while he was laying face down and didn’t stop until other police cars showed up. The moment the other cops arrived the beating suddenly and inexplicably ceased.

They knew exactly what the were doing. They wanted to hurt this guy because they liked it, and they thought they knew when to stop to prevent dash cam footage from being recorded of the obviously criminal act. The count from the video shows, after the suspect is already face down and not resisting or attacking, one closed fist strike and 40 nightstick strikes.

Note: The security camera footage records in 10-second segments with gaps in between, so the beating was likely close to twice as long as shown in the video. Again this suspect did NOT resist officers once it was obvious he was not going to escape. He suffered their blind rage for making them chase him down, and they thought they were going to get away with it. The good news, if you can call it that, is the cops are now under investigation. We know how this usually ends up, but at least there is that coming from the local police rather than just the “nothing to see here” attitude.

Watch and share the despicable display of these thug cops below:

Featured image via Youtube screen capture

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