Viral Meme Gives ‘Not Racist’ GOP Base Another Chance To Call Obama Family ‘N*ggers’ (IMAGES)

It’s alarming that Republicans are fine with their base of bigots and the kind of mentality they breed, as long as they continue voting for corporate ownership of America.

The Facebook page Barrack Obama’s Dead Fly has made hobby out of goading their followers into showing just how racist and ignorant they truly are.

This meme, posted to their page on Thursday, has gone viral in the circles of stupidity:


Disrespecting the President and the First Lady has reached epic proportions lately. Conservatives don’t seem to get that calling the President a Muslim isn’t an insult (even though he’s not), but constantly referring to his wife as ‘Moochelle’ and ‘Chewbacca’ far exceeds the realm of human indecency.

The bulk of the comments on the meme are the typical “lol” and “now that’s funny” droning you might expect from people who would like a page like this.  Along with the ever-present “impeach the Kenyan,” “He’s a terrorist,” and “Sharia law is coming” garbage, this particular post also garnered support from the nearly illiterate crowd who commented “which one is which?” a couple dozen times, with “which spelled no less than five different ways.

That’s never enough for these bonehaeds.  Anytime someone brings out a picture of the First Family engaged in normal activity, the moronic fan base of the page that does so feels the need to engage in the utmost of racist activity possible, calling them “apes” and “n*ggers.”

It’s in those comments that the true colors of the racists who support the conservative agenda of an all-white, all hetero, all male-controlled country can be found:

Joseph James's photo.

As though that weren’t enough, accusations that the First Lady is actually a man run rampant:

The blatant disrespect doesn’t stop there.  Not by a long-shot.  The actual comments from these people are enough to make any decent person sick to their stomach:


Is it disgusting?  Absolutely.  Is it unprecedented or unexpected?  Unfortunately not.  Just last week Joe the Plumber put out a meme that gave the crowd of conservative cretins the chance to call the President’s daughters “gang supporting n*ggers.”


Republicans and their base of foolish sheep are, after all, true American patriots just looking to “take their country back”…to 1863.

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