View: Suppressed Doc On St. Louis Panthers Shows No Terrorist Plot, Only Alleged Straw Purchase

Unless you’ve been living under a pet rock aptly named “White Privilege,” you’re aware that much of the United States is currently protesting a rash of murders of unarmed black men by white police officers. The failure of two grand juries to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown case out of Ferguson, Missouri, as well Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the murder of Eric Garner out in Staten Island, NY, has the nation out in the streets, shutting down major thoroughfares and proclaiming, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” and “I can’t breathe!” everywhere you look.

Throughout the protests that have been growing since Brown’s murder in August, only to build with the death of Garner, as well as numerous other murders stacking up like a gradual holocaust — such as 12-year-old Tamir Rice, shot dead in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area in less than two seconds for playing while black in a public park because he held a toy gun in his hand — police response has remained excessive and inexcusable. Tear gas and rubber bullets have been common practice against citizens and journalists alike, including women and children. Media blackouts have been enforced whenever deemed convenient by the powers that be in order to carry out whatever dubious commands were ordered, to be hidden from all but those in the line of fire.

Naturally, public outrage has grown in this same time period, not only due to the continual murders by police of unarmed black men, but due to the masochistic response of law enforcement, the questionable media coverage, and lately, the utter failure of the “justice” system. Realizing it is clearly losing the battle for favorable public opinion, the racist system, instead, has decided to fall back on one of its old standbys – defamation.

Recently, in an attempt to call into question the integrity and honor of protestors in St. Louis, as well as, more obtusely, even the credibility of the argument by all who support Michael Brown, a frame-up allegation has been brought forth against two members of the St. Louis chapter of the New Black Panthers Party. Brandon Orlando Baldwin, a.k.a. Brandon Muhammed, and Olajuwon Davis, a.k.a. Olajuwon Ali (“Brother Ali”) have been charged with plotting to murder prosecutor Robert McCulloch and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, as well as vaguely “cause harm” to other officers and blow up the Gateway Arch. There’s just one problem — it’s all bullsh*t.

The New Black Panther Party in St. Louis is an easy and strategic target that can serve a dual purpose for law enforcement and the powers that be.

Despite the reality that the Panthers are a peaceful organization that simply believes in the right to self-defense, they are almost always portrayed as a violent organization simply because some Panthers openly carry weapons, which is a real joke in this post-Cliven Bundy, open carry era. Nonetheless, the powers that be would love to find a way to not only exterminate the presence of groups such as the New Black Panther Party, they’d also like to undercut the credibility of fed-up protestors in the St. Louis area as a means of suggesting to the nation that they are not so much people standing up against injustice as they are violent, unruly and “uncivilized” people indicative of the “thug” identity both they and Michael Brown, himself, have been pegged with by the larger, fearful, white system and society.

If authorities in St. Louis can paint Michael Brown and his avid supporters, such as the New Black Panthers, in a questionable light, an opportunity is brought forth for the larger public to question who and what is “right,” which weakens support for the protestors and inadvertently strengthens support for the police. It’s a win/win scenario for authorities, and all it takes is throwing around a few allegations and blowing a bunch of smoke hoping the public takes it as fire.

And how have all these allegations been substantiated, but by repeating them over and again in the media, planting the seed in the public’s mind that these two fellas have, indeed, attempted such a plot.

It’s subtle, but it’s in the language, in the discrepancies of the coverage. Only a few media outlets bother using the word “alleged” when talking about the Panthers. Most just say outright they’ve been busted for attempting to kill and blow up the Arch. Most make sure to mention their more exotic sounding, Muslim names, thereby leaving the “terrorists” echo in the public’s mind.

And where have these allegations come from? “Sources” – sources that are most likely the very police that are so highly under question right now for their dubious, heinous behavior.

Think about it – how easy is it for them to throw smoke in order to cloud the issue in their favor through some trumped up charges?

As easy as it is to fire teargas into a crowd.

To substantiate the claims made by the ever-vague “sources,” media tries to strengthen the sounds of them by referring to how the claims are also found in “court documents.” However, as I stated in a prior article, anyone who’s ever been through the court system knows that any type of allegations can be alleged and wind up in court documents. That hardly makes them true.

And surprise, “If You Only News” was lucky enough to gain a copy of the court documents referred to in the media, and you’ll never guess what we found in there — jack sh*t.

See for yourself, below:

Nowhere in the document does it state a thing about charges regarding explosives or intent to blow up the Gateway Arch.

Nowhere is it stated, shown, or proven that the Panthers plotted to kill prosecutor McCulloch or Police Chief Jackson.

All they do state is that Baldwin and Davis “aided and abetted each other, in connection with acquisition of firearms,” which is a fancy way of saying they helped each other acquire firearms through a local Cabela’s store. That in and of itself is not illegal.

No, the only charges in the court document that they can try to make stick are an alleged – ALLEGED – straw purchase, which means they allegedly sought to buy a firearm for someone else. However, even that charge is not proven. They are, at this point, still only being charged with allegedly “knowingly mak[ing] a false and fictitious written statement to said dealer, which statement was intended and likely to deceive said dealer.”

The key word in there is “likely,” which means, these charges are only a belief by authorities that has yet to be proven. It can also mean, being a “belief,” that the charge is entirely made up. And why? Well, for all the reasons stated above.

If that sounds too far-fetched for you — the interpretation of how the media and the system works to twist public opinion in a desired direction — take this next example home with you and think about it.

On Dec. 4, 2014, “The Gateway Pundit” titled an article on the Panthers, “NEW BLACK PANTHERS Plot to Blow Up St. Louis Arch – Holder Indicts Leaders on Minor Gun Charges.” Now, why would folks continue to push the alleged violent plot when the Panthers have not even been charged with such a crime? And why would it be phrased in the affirmative sense, as if it is a reality, stating, “NEW BLACK PANTHERS Plot…” rather than “NEW BLACK PANTHERS Allegedly Plot…”?

Because the media assumes and promotes their guilt even before it is proven, even if it is likely made up.

This is how the system manipulates the public toward its agenda. It’s malicious in nature, and if you read on, the content of that article is no better. Major, mainstream media is just as dubious, but don’t take my word for it, do a few web searches and read away. Take a minute to apply some critical thought and think about what this article, here, is showing you. You’ll see, if you earnestly seek the truth.

They say history repeats itself, and if you read enough of it, you begin to see how that statement is true.

You also become aware enough to potentially break the cycle.

Read more about the background to this case and the Panther Party here, and here.

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