Victim-Blamers Everywhere Weep, Contents Of Sam DuBose’s Gin Bottle Revealed (SCREENSHOTS)

Sadly, we’ve come to expect the racist-wing victim blaming that takes place after unarmed individuals are killed by overzealous, trigger-happy cops. That has certainly been the case after news spread about the senseless shooting of Sam DuBose by university police officer Ray Tensing.

Victim-blamers have latched on to the gin bottle that was seen on the body camera footage, somehow citing that as reason enough to execute a man in his car, because open container laws. Now, to be fair, others have latched on to the fact that his vehicle didn’t have a front license plate – a legal requirement in the state of Ohio. Again, because that is an offense punishable by death, obviously. And, of course, the reports that the officer was dragged by the vehicle, which has been debunked by video of the encounter, are still held on to as a valid defense.

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To see examples of this kind of thinking, we need not look any further than the Fox News Facebook page. Here is just a small sampling:




Yeah! Just stop breaking the law! And what this guy says. . .

Just obey and comply!


Or, like in the words of the United States Constitution, this commenter points out. . . “Shut up and comply and you are LESS LIKELY to get killed.”

(We can’t guarantee that though, so don’t hold us to it, k? It’s just “less likely” that you’ll die.)




And, of course, this society needs to “learn obedience!” Because, that’s American.



Oh, and just because. . . BENGHAZI!!!!



However, these victim blamers are weeping today as the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office released test results that say the substance in the gin bottle, was in fact, air freshener.

As reported by Cincinnati’s WLWT:

According to the tests results, the substance submitted to the laboratory was negative for ethyl alcohol.

So, why air freshener in a gin bottle?

Apparently, “natural” air freshener is a thing right now and some local residents say it is sold at local markets, like Findlay Market – an open-air market in Cincinnati, which is less than a mile from where the shooting took place.

Some local commenters on the WLWT story are familiar with the product.




Yep, so there you have it. Not to fear though, victim blamers pay little attention to facts, obviously. So, they will experience no shortage of fodder for their racist discussions. After all, DuBose was a black man and for most of the victim blamers – that is plenty of reason for execution.

Featured image via video screen capture

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