Trump’s Hate Speech Has Encouraged White Supremacists To Make ‘Last Stand’ For Bigotry

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump sure seems to have struck up quite a relationship with white supremacists throughout his presidential campaign. And if you have been listening to the amount of racism spewing from his tiny little mouth it’s easy to understand why they love him so much.

Since Trump began his run for the presidency, he has been unjustly attacking Mexicans by building his presidential run on the idea that we need a giant wall to keep Mexico from sending over their “rapists” and “criminals.” He attacked a federal judge who is presiding over his Trump University case because he said the judge — who was born in Indiana — was biased against him because of his Mexican heritage. He spreads his xenophobic hate speech all across the country while saying “the Hispanics” totally love him and he loves them (and their taco bowls).

It’s not just Mexicans he has an issue with, though. Trump has a long history of discriminating against African Americans. Trump was sued by the Justice Department for not renting to black people. Even though it took two years, Trump Management finally settled promising not to discriminate against African Americans, Puerto Ricans and other minorities. Though not surprised, three years later Trump was back at his racist antics by continuing to discriminate against African Americans through shady tactics such as telling them that apartments were not available, when in fact they were.

Also, black people are often attacked at his rallies. During a Trump Rally in Fayetteville, N.C. an African American male was sucker punched while being escorted out. Think that was just a fluke?  Another African American was attacked by some crazed Trump fan at a rally in Albany. He reached into the crowd, chose to single out this African American and grab his face before assaulting him. Disgusting!

So, it should also come as no surprise that researchers have found that white supremacists think Trump is their final hope. According to Heidi Beirich, head of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, white supremacists are clinging to Trump’s hate in desperation:

Many white supremacists see this as their last stand for controlling the country

It’s very important for a presidential candidate to speak to certain groups, to relate and share similar ideas. What’s even more important is for us voters to open our eyes and ears to who they are courting in the process, because it speaks volumes.

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