Trump Camp Threatens $5M Fine To Anyone Who Leaks Him Using N-Word – So People Are Crowdfunding

It starts like this.


Following the release of an 11-year-old hot mic recording of Trump admitting to sexually assaulting women by using his celebrity, the people who have known and worked with Trump for years didn’t rush to his defense. They said that this was only the beginning. They had heard and seen worse and the tapes were out there.

Sources seemingly confirmed that fact by announcing the existence of two more “bombshells.” One, they say, is “as bad as” the hot mic. One is going to be worse.

Now those familiar with the tapes are starting to break their silence. What could be worse than Trump openly bragging about assaulting women? Maybe Trump using the n-word. The tape allegedly exists, people know where it is, and the only thing holding them back is a $5 million lawsuit threat by Donald Trump’s camp who promised to go after anyone who released any unpublished recordings of his time at The Apprentice.

Trump is defended by Apprentice producer Mark Burnett – a huge supporter of Trump’s campaign – who has reportedly threatened to destroy anyone who dares leak the footage.

Here’s a television producer all but confirming it (in a way that still ensures she can’t be sued).

The stakes are incredibly high. Trump has been dealt a serious blow following the release of his comments towards women. Amazingly, many Republicans – including GOP leadership – have stood by him. If a tape were to come out that has Trump casually slinging racial epithets, the dam would break. Many people believe $5 million is a small price to pay to stop Trump from every becoming president. Some are even suggesting a nation-wide crowdsourcing effort to fund the legal fees of whoever leaks the tape.

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The producer herself even asked billionaire and Trump hater Mark Cuban for a little help:

The thought of Cuban, the man Trump hates most in the world, funding Trump’s downfall is almost too poetic.

Whoever ends up releasing these tapes, should they exist, will surely be hailed a hero. Trump may have pulled the wool over the eyes of many sleepy Republican voters, but they are in for a rude awakening.

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