Trump Smears Civil Rights Legend John Lewis, City Of Atlanta In Insane Twitter Meltdown

As he had previously done with war hero John McCain, disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski, and a Gold Star family, Trump went on a vicious smear campaign against civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis for standing up to him. It was not a pretty sight to behold.

Trump’s early morning meltdown was prompted by Lewis’ announcement that he and several other Democratic lawmakers would be boycotting Trump’s inauguration because they did not consider Trump – who lost the popular vote and was supported, in part, by a Russian misinformation campaign against Hillary Clinton – a “legitimate president.” Rather than respond to that by proving he could be a legitimate president, Trump did the exact opposite: Smearing Lewis personally and then – bizarrely – going after Atlanta.

What makes this outburst particularly pathetic is that he decided to go after Lewis just days before the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr Day, a time to honor those who fought and suffered during the Civil Rights Movement. Lewis, having marched with Dr. King, in Selma and faced a violent beating and jail sentence for his involvement, is one of the few remaining heroes of that era left. Trump’s smears are appalling.

What’s even more baffling is that he decided to go after Atlanta, in a state that voted for him by a slim margin. It seems to disprove the theory, popular among certain pundits, that Trump’s tweets are “strategic.” This attack on an entire city just because he was insulted by a man who represents it goes to show that we must not mistake Trump’s unhinged rants as anything more than the acting out of a vain and small man.

There’s also a racist tinge to the attacks, which we had seen throughout the campaign as well. Anytime Trump was faced with criticism by African Americans, he immediately described their homes as crime-ridden and failing.

This weekend we should remember the courage and sacrifice of John Lewis and his compatriots during the Civil Rights Movement. And perhaps start thinking of ways in which this generation can show similar courage in the face of the rise of Trump. If this is the way Trump is going to treat American heroes like John Lewis, then absolutely nobody is safe.

Featured image via  Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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