Trump Points To Black Person In Crowd: ‘Look At My African American Over Here’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s lunacy and racism were on full display today at his California rally. He always likes to say that he is not a racist, despite all evidence to the contrary, and he did it again on Friday. Trump singled out the ONE black person in Trump’s crowd (and we don’t even know if he or she was a supporter or not). However, the first thing Trump did when he spotted the lone black person was to blurt out, “Look at my African American over here!”

Here is video of this appalling (well, not so appalling, seeing as it comes from Trump) statement, via Twitter:

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This guy is a straight up racist. The fact that a black person was at a Trump rally isn’t surprising; after all, his rallies tend to draw protesters and others who just want to see the action who aren’t actual supporters. However, the idea that a presidential nominee, in 2016, would shout something so racist and dehumanizing at a political event is just downright baffling. This is what happens when we allow divisiveness and bigotry to control the political discourse of a major political party.

If this isn’t proof of how dangerously racist Donald Trump and his supporters are, I don’t know what is.

Featured image via video screen capture from Twitter

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