Trump-Loving White Nationalists Disrupt Unveiling Of Texas’ Black History Monument (TWEETS/VIDEO)

After almost a decade of planning, in a big step for the red state, a beautiful memorial to African-American history was unveiled at the Texas State Capitol in Austin on Saturday. But what should have been a day filled with celebration and unity was instead scarred by hatred, as white nationalists, wearing masks and carrying assault rifles disrupted the ceremony.

Dallas Morning News reporter, J. David McSwane, who was there to cover the ceremony, live tweeted the events as they unfolded. He also says in his article about the protests, that several of the White Nationalists were seen wearing Trump hats.

McSwayne quoted one Austinite, construction worker Terrence Andersen who came to see the unveiling, as saying:

“It’s weird. We’re here for something so wonderful. I don’t understand it. We should be preaching love, not hate.”

Eventually, Texas State Troopers calmed the crowd, and the ceremony went on as planned. Thousands were there for the ceremony and even Republican Governor, Greg Abbott spoke about the monument with great pride, saying that he was proud to have such a wonderful piece of Texas history displayed for all to see on the front lawn of the Capitol Building.

You can watch Governor Abbott’s remarks, as well as the beautiful monument being unveiled here:

Featured image via Twitter

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