Today In Stupidity: Liberals Join With Terrorists, #BLM And Mexican Drug Cartels To Destroy America

If ever a match was made in Hell, it’s Alex Jones and the Oath Keepers. Alex Jones makes millions upon millions telling very stupid people that all of their paranoid fantasies about the “New World Order” and government tyranny are true. The Oath Keepers are a bunch of heavily armed wannabe traitors “freedom fighters” that are desperately hoping for an excuse to shoot federal agents. So you can imagine the tidal wave of bullshit that flows when they get together:

While speaking with Alex Jones last week, Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes said that his militia group is prepared to fight the supposed alliance between liberals, Black Lives Matter activists, anarchists, gangs, drug cartels and jihadists determined “to destroy western civilization.”

Rhodes boasted that his extremist group is “starting student chapters on college campuses across the country,” while Jones warned that college student bodies today are dominated by violent Maoists bent on killing their adversaries.

As a liberal myself, I’m wondering how he found out our secret plans what the fuck he’s talking about. But then I remember: These guys are completely insane and/or consummate con artists. More specifically, the Oath Keepers are insane and Alex Jones is using them to sell his nonsense. The more unhinged the far right becomes, the more money he makes from people hanging on his every made up conspiracy. Or did you think Jones is serious when he claims:

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…that “we have a mole inside the Democrats” who has reported that party operatives are buying InfoWars shirts to wear while committing a “fourth generation false flag” and that Muslim refugees in America and Europe are “preparing a secret super assault, a jihadist, western Tet Offensive.”

The worst part about Jones feeding the rage and paranoia of the Oath Keepers is that the far right militias are the most dangerous domestic terrorists in the country. Aside from 9/11, the overwhelming majority of political violence in America comes from people like Stewart Rhodes. They claim to be “patriots” who love ‘Murika but the bottom line is that these (almost always) angry white men see “their” country and all of their unearned power and privilege slipping away. An America where everyone is equal instead of white people being at the top of the pyramid absolutely terrifies them.

The more Jones pumps them full of garbage like this, the more likely it is that one of them will snap and go on a killing spree. But in true right wing fashion, that’s unimportant to Alex Jones. What’s a few lives when there’s money to be made from delusional suckers?

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