This ‘Black Crime’ Facebook Post Takes Right-Wing Ignorance To A Whole New Level (SCREENSHOTS)

Every issue has two sides. On one side you have reasonable people expecting reasonable ideals from a reasonable society. We call these people liberals or progressives. On the other side you have ignorance, fear, hate and blind stupidity wrapped in the veil of moral superiority and patriotism. We call those people conservatives, or sheep for the billionaires they idolize.

It’s these people who can take a simple meme or infographic that shows something like, oh, say, the disproportionate number of blacks killed by police officers, and turn it around with such obvious idiocy that you just want find them and smack the sh*t out of them.

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Here’s a perfect example: This screen capture from CNN shows the number of people killed by police in a year and their races. The first thing that’s noticeable is that white people are in first place:


(Image courtesy of CNN via Facebook)

The next thing a reasonable person might notice is that blacks and Hispanics combined add up to almost as many as whites. What’s so lopsided about that? America is 77 percent white. It’s not rocket science. If white people and black people were treated the same by police, the number of blacks killed by police would be closer to 80. If you’re speaking in terms of unarmed people killed by police, blacks made up almost 70 percent of those executed.

Those are simple numbers, and indisputable proof that there is something very wrong. Simple and indisputable, that is, unless you belong to the right. On the right, those numbers are far more simple, and mean only one thing: More white people were killed than black people. Statistics, demographics, the U.S. census — none of that matters to the modern conservative. Four-hundred-eleven is larger than 233, therefore there is no issue.

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This is evident in where I found this meme posted. A Facebook page called “President Obama is the Worst and the Most Wasteful President In history” [sic] decided that this was all the evidence they needed to discredit the entire #BlackLivesMatter movement. Fans of the page, immediately blinded by the ignorance that must happen the moment they hit the page, couldn’t agree more.

Hold onto yourself, there’s some truly facepalm-worthy moments coming your way:


This person is just there to be mad at something. Did she bother to read the infographic or did she just see “congressman” and feel the need to rant? It’s not lies and BS from a congressman, stupid, it’s a congressman who could actually understand the meaning of this screenshot voicing his opinion, which happens to fall in line with the facts.


It’s more likely that you can’t comprehend. Reading is fairly simple, but understanding what you’re reading, especially if it’s at a second grade level, is a near-impossible task for the wingnuts of the right.


Hmmm… That may be the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. Not only do you not understand common core, you also don’t understand that it’s not quite that simple. It must be difficult to think in terms of anything other than simple, but please, give it a shot.


This guy. Yeah, there’s a conspiracy in the mainstream media to keep information like this, information that no matter how you look at it supports the plight of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, hidden from the public. The narrative that the news would never tell the truth about something like this is kind of destroyed by the fact that the picture the guy is commenting on is a screenshot from CNN. You know… The Cable News Network:


(Image courtesy of CNN via Facebook)

Is it unbelievable? Not really. Not anymore. This kind of insanity has become commonplace. There was one commenter on the page who put the whole thing into perspective when he said:

OK, geniuses. Let’s break this down so maybe your thick skulls will understand:

414 out of 247,863,000 vs 233 out of 42,108,000. Should I call in a common core teacher or do you need me to explain lowest common denominators and simple division? By these numbers blacks are 12 times more likely to be killed than whites. When you add the number of “unreported race” at the same percentages, that number almost doubles.

So, you idiots, it’s not as simple as 414 being larger than 233, it’s seventh grade math, which is clearly above your pay grades.

You make me want to weep for America.

And there you have it. Simple logic versus an entire party of stupid. That entire page is just filled with it. Should you feel the need to spank the silly out of a conservative, I recommend a visit.

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Featured image via wiki commons

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