The Trump Effect: Students Chant ‘Build A Wall!’ At Hispanic Players During High School Volleyball Game

As the country reels from the tensions of last week’s election, it appears that it is affecting our kids more than ever as was evident at a volleyball game in West Texas over the weekend.

The girl’s volleyball team from Archer City, which is just outside of Wichita Falls, TX — about 2 hours north of Dallas — was playing against the girl’s team from Fort Hancock ISD in Snyder, which is on the Texas/Mexico border, and also happens to be 97 percent Hispanic.

During the game, students from Archer City started chanting “Build a Wall!” and held up Trump/Pence signs and large flags with “Come and Take It!” on them, which refers to the Battle of Gonzales — the first military battle during the Texas Revolution against Mexico.

Photo Via Facebook

Photo Via Facebook

The Superintendent of Archer City ISD apologized and said he feels it’s stemming from the election last week.

“If we hadn’t had that election last week, this wouldn’t have happened. Our students are not racists. It’s as simple as that,” C.D. Knobloch said.

“We’re sorry this happened. The whole community is torn up about it.”

Archer City ISD says they are aware of “some offensive language used by our student section” during the game.

“Appropriate action is being taken to address this behavior. In no way do we condone this type of language or behavior. We apologize to the students and community of Ft. Hancock. The administration is making every effort to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

Fort Hancock Superintendent Jose Franco said that he accepts Archer City’s apology and said he told his team that “there are a lot more good people than ignorant people out there who judge people by who they are and not the color of their skin.”

“I guess what bothered me most was no adults, no officials did anything about it while the match was going on,” Franco said. “We come from a very competitive district where there’s plenty of trash talk and that’s just part of the game, having fun with it, but this is the first time it has ever crossed the line.”

The Fort Hancock team lost the game. We’re not sure that loss had anything to do with the intimidating racist crowd, but it probably didn’t help the team focus on playing their best.

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