The One Cause Of Gun Violence No One Talks About

It’s clear to anyone with even a fraction of a brain, that we have a serious problem in this country: we are obsessed with guns and we use them far too often — with deadly consequences.

Still, gun lovers refuse to place the blame with guns, so they pay lip service to issues like mental health (which they have no intention of actually doing something about), violent video games, abortion and really, anything that will distract Americans from one very basic and obvious fact.

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The people who are killed by guns on a daily basis were killed by guns. While we’ve had gun violence in the past, the epidemic is new. Yes, I do hold our gun culture accountable, but more than that, I hold Fox and the entire right-wing hate machine accountable. I wish others would.

Not only do we have an epidemic of gun violence, we have an epidemic of anger. Two years ago, 60 percent of Americans reported feeling angry or irritable. Two years before that, it was 50 percent. Judging by the fact that Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican field, that number would be higher, today.

The GOP has become the party of anger and its voters, many of whom are armed, are not letting us or the party forget that.

Where did all this anger come from?

It actually began from a legitimate place, as people have seen the decline of the middle class in this country. They see their boss making 400 or 1000 times what they make.

They see a Congress that refuses to do anything. Instead of trying to bolster the middle class through the ballot box, though, Republicans blame brown people. Instead of attempting to unionize so they can regain their voice in the workplace, they blame brown people. Instead of voting the Do Nothing Congress out, they reelect them or vote for people who do even less. While there have always been people who vote against their own best interest, since Fox News took the stage, that number has increased exponentially.

We all know at least one of those people; you’re probably related to one of those people — people who sincerely believe that Obama is the anti-Christ who wants to take their guns and impose Sharia Law. Twenty years ago, someone spewing that kind of rhetoric would be called a loon and probably put in a nursing home. Today, it’s normal and it’s normal because of Fox, Rush Limbaugh and all their clones.

While Fox might have awakened this new type of anger in some people, others are experiencing a change in personality from being exposed to Fox News. This Daily Beast writer wrote of her father who was changed by Fox. Three years ago, I wrote about a woman who was literally scared to death by Fox News. This blogger also lost a parent to Fox News.

It’s not just that Fox and right-wing media painting a bleak picture of America, it’s that their solution to the perceived problems often involves violence. They convince viewers that as evidenced by the election of a black man as president, black people are going to rise up to take over the world. They convince voters that feminists and gay people and transgender people are ruining the family. They also convince viewers that the best way to combat all of that is to take up arms, which, by the way, Democrats are out to take away from them.

Polls have shown that Fox News viewers are both the least informed and the most angry. I have no doubt that right-wing radio listeners are even worse.

Propaganda + Anger + Guns = A very deadly combination.

That fact absolutely feeds into the fact that 30 people are killed by guns every single day in this country. A Harvard study has revealed something that should be common sense: more than even mental illness, anger issues and gun violence go hand in hand.

Now, I’m not going to claim that the majority of our mass shooters have been Fox News watchers or even were part of the right-wing, but every single one of them have grown up in the culture of fear, paranoia and anger. Anger that begins with Fox News and spreads through the internet and society like an epidemic of Ebola.

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