The KKK Wants YOUR CHILDREN To Attend A Cross Burning Ceremony (SCREENSHOTS)

The KKK wants your children to attend their upcoming labor day cross burning. There will be loads of youth centered activities, and awards to mask the hatred. Adults harboring unequivocal amounts of indecency towards anyone of a different race is childish, so why not target children. They announce this in a bold statement as you can see in this caption from their site here.


Sceenshots via The Knights Party

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You don’t have to try to make Klan members and Konfederates look Krazy. God help us all from the inevitable bi-racial gay couple apocalypse! Forget school, we all know children’s impressionable minds were made for hate mongering and indoctrination of bigotry while eating ice cream Sundays.


Screenshot via The Knights Party

Accommodations for children, including a nursery for infants and toddlers, will be available. If elicit amounts of bigotry and hatred weren’t enough for outrage, maybe recruiting children is.


Screenshot via The Knights Party

Clearly the hatred behind KK-Kross burning ceremonies,  is easily masked behind bonfires and ice cream “Sunday” bars. And just how far will these pond dwelling scumbags go? Well if hot dog roasts and sing-alongs aren’t enough to strike your fancy:


Screenshot via The Knights Party

awards for winning the negro truck drag along, or lynch a darkie competitions are available. (Not really, or at least not publicly, but you get the picture.)  Sadly, the same groups that sponsor racism, are the ones cooking marshmallow s’mores on the bonfire for our children. You can even dress your children up in the latest KKK apparel.


Screenshot via The Knights Party



Screenshot via The Knights Party


There is literally no limit to just how far these confederate flag waving scum bags will go. They join the ranks with Big Tobacco in this announcement, marketing to our children now. So grab your noose, put on your “Heritage not Hate” t-shirt, and take your children to the Labor Day Cross Burning!


Featured image compliments of Wikimedia Commons

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