The Disgusting Tweets Inspired By The Propaganda Film ‘American Sniper’ (SCREENSHOTS)

American Sniper has been causing quite a buzz across the country.  The Oscar-nominated film depicts the life of Chris Kyle, reportedly the deadliest sniper in American history.

There are two schools of thought on the film. The first is the gun-loving ammosexual perspective that the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim, and the movie shows plenty of dead Muslims.

The other perspective is that the movie is nothing more than a propaganda piece, glorifying a war we shouldn’t have been in highlighted by too many historical inaccuracies to count.

Rolling Stone called the movie “too dumb to criticize.”

The movie in and of itself is a decent bit of film-making.  It features better-than-average acting and keeps people interested.  Had it been labeled “fiction” rather than presented as a documentary, people may have watched it in the same light as Rambo 2 or Full Metal Jacket.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and the result is both dangerous and disturbing.

In an era where hatred towards Muslims is often misplaced, the “conservative American” will use anything at their disposal to keep that mindset festering in the circles of our country’s most ignorant and uneducated.

Nowhere has this been more evident than on social media, where the typical conservative hate has been amped up and rejuvenated.

Twitter in particular has seen more than it’s fair share:









How many innocent American Muslims have been put in harm’s way over a movie that poorly depicts the reality of a war few people who supported it truly understand?

It may seem far-fetched to some that a movie could bring people to such despicable levels, but try to remember, we’re dealing with despicable people.

This tweet below was met with comments like “what is a raghead doing in a movie theater watching American Sniper, anyway?  It’s her own fault, she should have known better.”



Notice she said “in a theater while American Sniper is playing.”  Are theaters supposed to post warnings to Muslims that even though they may be there to see Mockingjay, their safety can’t be guaranteed because a bunch of over-emotional idiots are in the next theater being incited to cause them harm?

This movie is a shameful way to honor our veterans, many of whom have spoken out about the truth of what they witnessed in Iraq.

Do yourself a favor and skip it.

All Images are screengrabs from Twitter

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