The Conservative Sh*tstorm Following Mizzou President’s Resignation Is Racist As Hell (TWEETS)

University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe has stepped down from his position due to problems with racism on campus, which students–many of them football players–felt the administration was not handling properly. One student, Jonathan Butler, even went on a hunger strike last week, aimed at getting Wolfe removed after multiple instances of students having racial slurs hurled at them, and a swastika being painted on a bathroom wall. Despite all of this, conservatives are angry, with some even claiming that Wolfe was forced into resignation for being white.

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We have Rush Limbaugh up first, who is someone we can always count on to give his two cents to something like this. He’s one of the people who says Wolfe resigned for being white, which, for anybody following the story, is far from true.

For those of you who are just now getting attuned to what’s happening during the day the University of Missouri’s embattled president has resigned. His name is Tim Wolfe. He just quit, just resigned because of committing the crime of being a white male.

No, Wolfe resigned under increasing pressure due to not handling the race problems occurring on his campus, but hey, a hateful, bigoted shock jock like Limbaugh will think what he wants.

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The Daily Signal put out a story with a headline that read, “University Of Missouri And Yale Show What Mob Rule Looks Like In Higher Education.” The article bashes students who call attention to racism and bigotry by saying:

[Some students] want a ‘safe space’ where their strange ideas about society can be aired without criticism, and where they can unilaterally punish other students for failing to toe the mass line. These student activists want blood.

Oh, please. Since when is calling attention to racism “a strange idea,” and since when is activism the same being out for blood? These activists want to be heard, plain and simple, and they aren’t getting what they need most. The situation at Yale involves white people telling people of color what they should and should not find offensive. The situation at Missouri involves leaders not addressing blatant racism.

That clearly doesn’t matter though; people who cry about runaway political correctness just want to be able to say what they want, and do what they want, without having to worry about who they hurt. That is all this outrage is.

The Raw Story has a collection of tweets from angry conservatives about this. Some of those are below, plus a few we dug up.


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Media Matters for America has quotes from Red State contributor Eric Wolf on the matter, where he said that the students protesting at the University of Missouri were “liberal lazy douchebags” who just didn’t want to go to practice for a bad football team. Of course he’d say that. Racism is uncomfortable. He’d rather lash out than be uncomfortable and learn something. He also said:

The sports media – who are uniformly worse at their jobs and more sickeningly liberal than their news media counterparts – have been breathlessly reporting on the fact that thirty black Mizzou football players are allegedly going on strike over racism on campus. This is being presented as an act of courage likely to foster social change, rather than as the act of lazy cowardice that it is.

We can’t write an article like this without also poking fun at Alex Jones’ InfoWars, which is one of the most ridiculous sites on the Web. Their article on this is titled, “White Privilege Now Means The Privilege To Be Fired For Being White.” The whole story echoes Rush Limbaugh, but discusses a criminology professor’s attitude that students don’t have the right to be unoffended.

Let’s get one thing straight: This is not about taking offense. This is about institutional racism, and it is not for white people to tell people of color what should and should not offend them. It’s not about creating spaces free from offense; it’s about creating spaces where students of color actually feel safe. With everything that black people endure out in the world, that we white people do not, it’s really not surprising that they don’t feel safe when threatening symbols are allowed, and when racial epithets are allowed.

The conservative outrage is badly misguided. Instead of whining about political correctness, we actually need to sit down, shut up, and listen. We might learn something real that way. But hey, conservatives would rather do the easy thing and bash the people crying out to be heard, because what those people have to say is uncomfortable. Who’s really begging for political correctness?

Featured image by University of Missouri. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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