The Bahamas Just Declared The United States A ‘Dangerous Destination’ For Travel

Planning a trip abroad can be a challenge these days with all of the travel advisories the State Department issues. Some of the most beautiful places on earth have become so dangerous due to terrorism that they just aren’t worth visiting.

Why? Because we’re Americans. We are targets for terrorists. Even if you travel to places as benign as England or France, it’s recommended that you leave your USA hats and t-shirts at home and to not bring attention to the fact that you’re an American. It’s horrible, isn’t it?

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Well, now the Bahamas have issued a warning to their citizens about coming to the United States. 85 percent of their population is black, you see, and they don’t want to see anyone killed unnecessarily for not being white. Here’s theBahamian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ statement:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration has taken a note of the recent tensions in some American cities over shootings of young black males by police officers.

At the commencement of the Independence holiday weekend, many Bahamians will no doubt use the opportunity to travel, in particular to destinations in the United States.

 We wish to advise all Bahamians traveling to the US but especially to the affected cities to exercise appropriate caution generally. In particular young males are asked to exercise extreme caution in affected cities in their interactions with the police.

Do not be confrontational and cooperate. If there is any issue please allow consular offices for The Bahamas to deal with the issues. Do not get involved in political or other demonstrations under any circumstances and avoid crowds.

“In particular young males are asked to exercise extreme caution.” How sad is it that we have such a horrid reputation for killing young black men without reason or consequence that foreign governments fear for the safety of their citizens? It’s more than sad, it’s disgraceful.

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