The Aftermath Of Mass Shootings Is Too Predictable And I’m Sick Of It (OP-ED/IMAGE)

Americans have to bend on permissive gun laws or we will break; 11,000 murders a year is too damn many

(Disclaimer: I am not for the banning of guns but rather for the rethinking of who is responsible enough to own one. Dylann Roof had a criminal record but had no problem getting his hands on a gun. This is all too common and we need to find sensible solutions to the problem. No other developed country has gun crime like we do and Americans are all too happy to ignore that fact.)

Another mass shooting. Another hate crime committed by a White Supremacist. Nine dead. Many more lives shattered by the senseless act of hatred and violence.

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Nothing to see here, right? It’s America! This happens a few times every year. Boring!


This is becoming harder to endure. As I look to the east at developed countries in Europe, it only gets harder because their countries virtually never go through this. Ever. It’s utter bullsh*t that Americans have been programmed to go through it every few weeks or months like it’s nothing. This year alone, we’ve had 133 people die in mass shootings.

And what will make it even worse, like rubbing the proverbial salt into the wound, is the predictable aftermath of it all.

Here’s what our next week looks like <pulls out crystal ball>:

  1. The President will make a speech on how deplorable this act of violence is, and how lawmakers need to rethink permissive gun laws. Already done.
  2. The right wing lawmakers and pundits will whip their base into a frenzy saying that Obama is coming for their guns after all these years.
  3. Fox News will act confused as to why this is being labeled a hate crime. Oh look, they already did that. Scratch this off the list.
  4. The NRA will make a speech on how a law designed to allow settlers and colonists to own their own muskets is the greatest law the world has ever seen even though people no longer have muskets and our country’s gun problem has gotten entirely out of control. But Wayne LePierre will ignore that last part, because he always does, and instead blame video games and the media, because he always does.
  5. Gun sales will skyrocket because gun nuts will worry Obama is going to outlaw guns.
  6. Your right wing friends and family will immediately start posting bald eagle memes with guns on them about the Second Amendment because they have no class or respect for the dead. Especially not for a bunch of church-going innocent black people. Because Second Amendment lovers also seem to be severely racist as a rule.
  7. Lastly, we’ll see a bunch of racist Fox News hosts say, “Well, how come we never talk about black on black crime?” in order to divert attention away from the fact that another scrawny white kid committed another major mass murder and this time, in the name of racism. We’ll see a bunch of Foxbots following their lead and saying much of the same on social media.
  8. Instead of making any progress on gun laws, gun laws will be relaxed even more because lawmakers seize upon these opportunities to derail the debate and instead play on people’s paranoia that we need guns in order to prevent crimes like these even though guns are very rarely ever used in self-defense.

That’s the playbook people. Everybody take their places, we’re running through the script again. Just another mass murder. Just another racist being racist, again. Nothing to see here because this is just America.

We’ll never see progress on gun regulation. Eleven thousand murders a year isn’t enough to make a change, I mean, zero death from marijuana a year is enough to make it illegal, but 11,000 or so people dead from gun murder is like, phhbbt, nothing.

According to Gun Violence Archive, for 2015, we are already at the halfway mark to 11,000 this year:

And this is why the world is laughing at us.

Featured Image via Pixabay

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