Texas Firefighter Praises Dylann Roof’s Racism And Murder, Fired For Stupidity

A volunteer fireman from Mabank, Texas is now a former volunteer fireman from Mabank, Texas, because he is a complete moron. Kurtis Cook decided it would be a good idea to post his support for racism and murder on social media after the senseless violence in Charleston last Wednesday.

The post, which said that shooter Dylann Roof “needs to be praised for the good deed he has done,” made its way to the Facebook page of a South Carolina newspaper, where it began being shared as the vile and disgusting thoughts of a mind obviously just as full of hate as The Charleston killer’s, along with Cook’s home address, phone number and the number of the Mabank Fire Department:



Kurtis Cook, with a name only one K short of perfection for such an a**hole, was quickly released from the Mabank Fire Department and ordered to never come on their property again:


Kurtis Cook’s Facebook profile is no longer available. Being that he is a racist piece of sh*t from east Texas, it’s pretty easy to figure out what you would find there: Posts about how “thugs” are making cops look bad for killing them, page likes for Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and anything that is derogatory towards Barack Obama, a dozen friends with the middle name “Oathkeeper,” and a pledge to protect and defend the two paragraphs of the constitution a brainless turd like this has bothered to read.

People like KKKurtis have no place in an evolving society. Hopefully before long his kind will just stop belonging altogether and move to their favorite militia camp where the feds they hate can keep an eye on them, waiting for them to drive the next truck full of fertilizer and diesel fuel to its intended target.

It’s difficult to understand how these people, true domestic terrorists, can possibly believe they are doing our country a favor by existing.

Image: Facebook

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