Ted Nugent: ‘Happy Holidays To Everyone, Except The Evil, Rotten, Punk*ss Criminals In Ferguson’

Ted Nugent’s got more stuff to say about black people in Ferguson, and none of it’s nice. Never known for his subtlety when it comes to hateful, racist commentary, the Grand Jury’s decision to let Officer Darren Wilson walk free after murdering Michael Brown seems to have put Nugent in particularly fine fettle.

It’s amazing what Wilson’s supporters will do to defend and celebrate Wilson pumping 12 bullets into an unarmed teenager who was running away.

On Tuesday morning, Nugent found a peculiar way to wish his Facebook fans a happy holiday season:

Happy ThanXgiving Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Happy New Year to everyone, except of course the soulless braindead brainwashed evil rotten [email protected] criminals & America haters out there. Drive Safely.

Nugent Facebook post with Ferguson Police under Seasons Greeting decoration. Happy ThanXgiving Merry Christmas Happy Holidays Happy New Year to everyone, except of course the soulless braindead brainwashed evil rotten punkass criminals & America haters out there. Drive Safely.

Oh good, Nugent got his holiday cards early. Don’t you feel like a lame procrastinator, now? And it’s not like Nugent would know anything about “soulless, brain dead, brainwashed, evil, rotten [email protected]” people or anything. But the above post is nothing compared to the vile, racist rant Nugent posted earlier, complete with thugs, Al “Not So Sharpton,” gangsta assholes, abortionists, and “Black Klansmen.” Oh…. and “don’t claim that ‘black lives matter'” when they so obviously don’t matter one bit to Nugent and his ditto-heads.

Nugent post-Ferguson rant: Here's the lessons from Ferguson America- Don't let your kids growup to be thugs who think they can steal, assault & attack cops as a way of life & badge of black (dis)honor. Don't preach your racist bullshit "no justice no peace" as blabbered by Obama's racist Czar Al Not So Sharpton & their black klansmen. When a cop tells you to get out of the middle of the street, obey him & don't attack him as brainwashed by the gangsta assholes you hang with & look up to. It's that simple unless you have no brains, no soul, no sense of decency whatsoever. And dont claim that "black lives matter" when you ignore the millions you abort & slaughter each & every day by other blacks. Those of us with a soul do indeed believe black lives matter, as all lives matter. So quit killin each other you fuckin idiots. Drive safely.

Because centuries of slavery, terror, segregation, imprisonment, disenfranchisement, and police brutality aren’t what’s causing all the problems in America’s black communities: It’s because these “f*ckin idiots” [sic] keep “killin each other” [sic]. Because here in America, victim blaming is as traditional as Thanksgiving and Columbus Day.

In any case, as the people of Ferguson struggle to emerge from the smoking ruins injustice has wrought upon their community, Ted Nugent can gloat over all that “justice” being served this Thanksgiving.

Ted Nugent @TedNugent  ·  16h 16 hours ago DarrenWilson did good MichaelBrown did bad justice is served

Image: Screen grab/Ted Nugent’s Facebook page.

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