#StopWhiteOnWhiteCrime: Twitter Reacts To The Media Coverage Of The Waco Biker Gang Shooting (IMAGES)

On Sunday, a shootout among three rival biker gangs in Waco, Texas left nine gang members dead and eighteen injured. As a result of the shooting more than 165 bikers were arrested and jailed. The media must be calling them thugs! Haha, just kidding, that’s not happening at all.

This shooting was a result of actual gangs and the media has been predictably quiet. Fox News didn’t dedicate all of their programming Monday to figuring out why white people kill each other. They didn’t ask psychologists to come on and talk about single white mothers and how that perpetuates violence. They didn’t call these gang members a bunch of thugs and neither did the rest of the media. Therein lies the difference between how the media covers white and black crime.

Over the last year we have seen the media shred the black community whenever the community protests police brutality. They have been called thugs and hoodlums. They have had their homes psychoanalyzed and the media blames single mothers or jailed fathers. Fox News wanted to know why Al Sharpton never complains about black-on-black crime; why does he only protest killer cops?! It has been a steady flow of media garbage.

Twitter noticed this media bias, so the #StopWhiteOnWhiteCrime hashtag was born and it is EPIC:

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When the media calls the black community a bunch of thugs for being angry about law enforcement abusing and killing them, but calls white-on-white gang violence a tragedy, it’s obvious racism is running deep. Any time white people kill each other it’s an “isolated incident” that doesn’t reflect on our race as a whole; yet the African-American community isn’t given the same courtesy.

In 2015, racism isn’t as overt as it was 50 years ago. A lot of times it’s just a feeling, an undercurrent in society; but, this is one of those times when it becomes super obvious that we are a long way from a post-racial America.

Images via Twitter

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