Some Brave Soul Painted ‘Black Lives Matter’ On S.C. Confederate Statue

The nation is grieving and in upheaval since a crazed right-wing white supremacist shot and killed nine innocent people after they welcomed him to their bible study in Charleston, South Carolina’s historic Emanuel AME Church, also known as Mother Emanuel. One of the debates that has been re-ignited is whether or not the Confederate battle flag that flies on the grounds of the state capitol in Columbia should be taken down. One of the major gripes among people who see the flag as the symbol of hate, slavery, racism, segregation, and Jim Crow laws that is it is, is the fact that it continues to fly at full mast in the wake of the tragedy, even though the state flag and the U.S. flag have been lowered to half mast out of respect for the victims and their grieving loved ones.


Well, one brave soul decided to make his or her thoughts and feelings on the confederate flag and what it stands for known- by vandalizing the confederate statue at White Point Park in Charleston. The statue was put in place by Charleston’s chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy (nope, not a racist at group at all, right?!?) to honor the “Defenders of Charleston- Fort Sumter,” according the statue’s inscription.

Well, now, the statue is painted with a much more appropriate message in these troubled time. The words “Black Lives Matter” have been scrawled in red spray paint on the front of it, while “Riley & Halely [sic] this is the root of our evil,” and “Why defend this evil” are painted in the same red paint on the base.

Of course, the cops are looking for these “vandals.” Well, considering what the Confederacy was- a bunch of racist, treasonous traitors who wanted to defend the right to own other human beings- this isn’t vandalism at all. It is a service to the community. Whoever did it, hats off to you.

Watch a video report of the incident below, courtesy of Live News 5: | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports

Featured image via video screen capture via Live News 5

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