So, That Whole ‘Make America Great AGAIN’ Thing — These Vintage Ads Make Us Ask, ‘Great For Who?’

When Donald Trump says he wants to “Make America Great Again” he refers to the days of old when women and minorities “knew their place” in society. Trump was born in 1946, so the 70-year-old businessman turned politician grew up in a pre-civil rights America. He was 18 years old when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. During Trump’s formative years, misogyny and racism were the norm. Let’s face it, both still exist in today’s society, but nothing compared to how it used to be. So, when we hear the slogan “Make America Great Again,” we can’t help but look at the days of old and ask, “Was it really all that great?”

We all know the answer to that question: Of course not!

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These vintage ads give us a little glimpse into the America that Trump refers to as “great.” It was an America where women served men and blacks served whites. It was an America that still has influence on how our system works in modern times where systemic racism still thrives. It was an America that we are still battling which fosters a system where women make a fraction of what men do in the workplace.

This is the good old boys America.

First, the racist ads. These advertisements are from way back and not so way back. Advertisements are used to appeal to people and get them to buy a product. Of course, there are insulting ads about blacks, but also Mexicans (Donald Trump’s favorite) and naturally, our previous enemy, the Japanese. In modern times, we could add a few anti-Muslim ads into the mix and modern-day conservatives would find it to be completely acceptable.

What kind of people did these ads appeal to? Well, take a look and decide for yourself.

Racist - chlorinol Racist - cream of wheat

Racist - fatchinese Racist - fritoscoloringpencils Racist - general electric dishwasher sink Racist - hires Racist - japs Racist - plymouth Racist - sankacoffee Racist - texaco Racist - vanheusen4outof5men

And then, obviously, America wasn’t America without a good dose of sexism. Men were heads of the household and the good little lady cooked and clean to keep him happy.

These ads are absolutely gag worthy.

Sexist - chaseandstanborncoffee Sexist - coldpower Sexist - creepylovesbabysoft Sexist - drummond Sexist - girlaroundthehouse Sexist - kenwoodchef Sexist - mansworld Sexist - pepvitamins Sexist - Polmolive Sexist - postage meter Sexist - stovetopstuffing

So, when Donald Trump talks about making America great AGAIN it’s just more denial of the inequality and injustices that today’s society has been built upon.

Our country can be great, but not like this.

Images via Ranker and VintageAdBrowser

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