Shocking Hate Crime Leaves Three Black Children Covered In Pepper Spray, One Hospitalized

Welcome to Trump’s America, where racists are so comfortably out in the open that they’ve started to attack black children because they want to make America great again. It’s the good ol’ days of terrorizing blacks all over again:

A black Portland family says they were accosted in Northeast Portland this week by a cyclist who used a racial slur as he shot pepper spray at three children.

“The suspect turned around northbound, riding back by the car and sprayed the kids with pepper spray,” the release says. “Garner reported to police that the man yelled a racial epithet at them as he pepper sprayed the kids then rode away.”

One of the children, the 12-year-old, was hit so badly that he had to be taken to the local hospital:

“The fumes coming off the child were enough to choke one of the doctors,” says Carrasco, who said both Frazer and Garner told her about the incident. “He had to have several milk cloths put on him and eventually had to be sedated.”

The mindset required to attack children is the same kind of mindset that led to the widespread lynchings in the South that drove millions of African-Americans north. It’s a mindset that does not see black people as humans. Rather, they’re a subhuman people that can be abused, harassed and murdered because they’re not “really” people anyway.

It might seem unfair to lay this attack at the feet of Donald Trump but you’d be wrong. Trump’s campaign of racial hatred and the corporate media’s incessant normalizing of his white supremacist rhetoric has created an atmosphere where the truly deplorable racists among us have come out of the shadows. They’re not just proud of their hatred, they flaunt it whenever possible, hoping to attract even more like-minded individuals to their cause.

When white supremacy becomes public and normalized, violence ALWAYS follows and this horrific attack on children is just another in a growing wave of anti-minority attacks. And if Trump wins? This will seem like a mild disturbance compared to what’s coming.

The attacker has been described as “a white or Hispanic male in his mid-20s, 5’9″ tall, 160 pounds, wearing black spandex-style bicycle clothing and a grey and black helmet. The suspect was riding a road-style bicycle (not a mountain bike).”

Anyone with information about this incident or the identity of the suspect is asked to contact Detective Jeff Sharp at 503-823-9773, [email protected]

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