Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wasted No Time Dumping On Prince In A Very Nasty Way (TWEETS)

So far, 2016 has proved to be a real bummer when it comes to celebrity deaths. With the passing of such icons as David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey and Keith Emerson — among many others — we’ve barely had time to catch our breath. Now, this. It’s hard to believe that Prince is dead. Most of us are still in shock. But this loss has managed to bring everyone together in that shock and grief.

Well, almost everyone.

Arizona Sheriff — and sad excuse for a human being — Joe Arpaio decided to take the opportunity to tout his prison drug rehab program. Tacky, much? It was an affront to those of us mourning the loss of a musical icon and, more importantly, an insult to Prince’s family and friends. Joe tweeted this first (screen captured by Tom Boggioni at Raw Story) at around 8:00 pm local time:

Courtesy of Tom Boggioni at Raw Story

Talk about passive-aggressive! Not to mention just plain nasty. Nobody has any idea what happened at this point. Except ol’ Joe. He thinks he knows, anyway. Yeah, he used “allegedly” but it’s still ugly. He must have got some heavy blowback on that because he deleted it about 2 hours later (but the Internet is forever, Joe) and then sent these two tweets:

As you might expect, the Twitterverse exploded. Sheriff Joe got some seriously pissed-off responses.

Oh, the image that last tweet conjures.

What kind of dickless wonder craps on the death of a beloved public figure? Even people who weren’t really fans can acknowledge Prince’s talent and contributions to music. Even people who didn’t like him have enough class to bow to the grief and loss the rest of us are feeling. It’s just plain inhuman not to.

When people complain about the state of the world, point them to Joe Arpaio.

It’s behavior like this that is killing our country, not drugs or gays or abortions. No matter what the right says. It’s this sort of self-aggrandizing, self-centered arrogance that is ruining our society. This lack of empathy. And jackasses like Joe Arpaio are prime examples of it. I’d say that he should be ashamed of himself but I honestly don’t think he is capable of that.

Featured Image by John Moore/Getty Images

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