Seth Meyers To Media: Calling Nazis ‘Alt-Right’ Is Like Calling OJ A ‘Cutlery Enthusiast’ (VIDEO)

Since Trump’s election, and his subsequent appointment of racist tabloid owner Steve Bannon to his White House staff, the Neo-Nazi movement, or “alt-right” as they like to call themselves, has been out in full force with very little backlash from Trump or the mainstream media. Seth Meyers, like all of us, is tired of it and he let it ALL out in a segment he calls “HEY!” on his show, Late Night With Seth Meyers. 

Meyers showed a few clips as examples of the media pussy-footing around. In one of them, CNN compared Nazis in Austria to “Hipsters” with the title, “Hipster or Hatemonger? The Trendy New Face of the Far-Right.”

“Hey! Media! What are you doing?” Meyers asked. “How do you confuse hipsters with Nazis? Nazis like to invade other people’s territory and turn it into a utopia for the white race!”

He also points to an article in The Atlantic that asks the question, “Are Jews White?” and at that point, he doesn’t hold back!


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