See Inside A Confederate Flag Rally: Reporter Risks Disgust So You Don’t Have To (IMAGES)

A “Southern Heritage” rally was held in Washington D.C, and 1300 people were projected to attend. As usual with this stuff, less than 50 people actually showed up. Such is the price of Freedom.

After a summer of discontent with the Confederate Flag, and all of its cultural heritage racist, traitorous history, there has been a growing populist push to remove monuments and symbols that glorify and make heroes and martyrs out of the Confederacy.

In interviews with members of the crowdsome simply riveting commentary was obtained from the racism-apologists and pro-slavery supporters as they reminisced of the “good old days” when black skin meant you were 3/5ths of a person for tax purposes only. 

Here we see an 11-year-old boy from Massachusetts, birthplace of the “northern confederacy” I guess.

Andrew from Massachusetts

11 year old Andrew, from Massachusetts, loves him some Confederacy. Photo: Courtesy of Think Progress 


Racist, Pro Slavery idiots had a LOT of opinions on why “colored people” are the problem in America, while racist jerks are only that way because they are addicted to freedom.

Ron Feathers, one of more robust members of the group, had some incredibly insightful opinions to share.

This Black Lives Matter bull is racism that the government don’t see. It’s white genocide propaganda. They’re pushing folks to shoot cops and white people.

If Robert E. Lee was alive today, this s*it wouldn’t be going on. That’s when we had a true American in office.

It’s because their daddies ain’t in the picture. All these kids are latchkey kids. They’re not being taught the right way. And they only do things in groups. They’ve got so much hatred.

Source: Think Progress

Here we see Feathers accosting a Black Lives Matter demonstrator, calling her “babe” and telling her to stay “with her own kind”

Feathers gets ruffled

Ron Feathers gets ruffled by a BLM lady. Photo: Courtesy of Think Progress


Ginny Meerman, a beauty pageant consultant (is this a thing?), and former Mrs. Maryland had this to say:

I am restraining myself because I am a southern belle, but bless their little hearts if I got them in a quiet alley somewhere.

How Christian of an attitude she has. What WOULD she do if she was alone in an alley with a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters I wonder? I think we all know the answer to that. By the way if you are from Maryland you are not a “southern belle.”

Counter protesters showed up on the other side of the park, in greater numbers, and held signs showing their displeasure with the confederacy’s delegation.

Casey Udley, from Virginia (and an actual southern belle), was on the side of the counter protesters. She had this to say:

I brought my sweet tea and my signs and I’m here to say that hate may be our heritage, but it doesn’t have to be our legacy. It’s important for white people to stand up to other white people and teach what it means to be anti-racist.

Source: Think Progress

Jason Berry, a civil war re-enactor from Detroit, another northern bastion of confederate power during the civil war, said he thought that Black Lives Matter is “the most racist group there is.” When asked who he would vote for in 2016, he shouted, “Trump 2016! Shut down the borders!” Huge surprise there.

Detroit Confederate

Detroit Confederate Jason Berry. Photo: Courtesy of Think Progress


Featured Image: Courtesy of Think Progress

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