Right-Wingers Go FULL Racist Over Obama’s Presidential Library (SCREENSHOTS)

A story on CNN’s Facebook page has attracted the absolute worst of the far-right racists, conspiracy theorists, and low-information imbeciles: The announcement that President Obama’s Presidential Library and museum will be built in Chicago.

Within minute, the outrage began. In typical fashion, right-wing nutjobs flocked to the conversation, dragging bucketful after racist bucketful of hate to an absolutely innocuous non-issue that is years away from being a reality.

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I’ve categorized the stupid to make reading the posts of numbskulls more enjoyable. Hopefully someday this article will end up framed in a library in Chicago.

Obama is getting a library? More taxpayer money wasted!

This is a popular theme that ties in with the ridiculous notion that the President and his wife are fleecing the American people because they eat and sleep in the White House and take vacations, (at a rate far lower than the last 4 Republicans), all on the taxpayer’s dime:


There is only one response to this idiocy:


According to the National Archives:

During his second term in office, President Franklin D. Roosevelt surveyed the vast quantities of papers and other materials he and his staff had accumulated. In the past, many Presidential papers and records had been lost, destroyed, sold for profit, or ruined by poor storage conditions. President Roosevelt sought a better alternative. On the advice of noted historians and scholars, he established a public repository to preserve the evidence of the Presidency for future generations. Beginning a tradition that continues to this day, he raised private funds for the new facility and then turned it over to the United States government for operation through the National Archives.

There are currently 13 Presidential Libraries built with donations and private funds.  President Obama’s won’t cost you a dime, you morons.

Why is Obama’s library in Chicago?

There are no less than 2 dozen instances of this:


The “Kenya scandal” was debunked before the President was ever elected, but still, more than six years later, these knuckleheads just can’t let go.

Why should a terrorist get a library?

Another popular talking point of the ignorant is that the President is a Muslim, and therefore a terrorist:


Stupid is obviously contagious in right-wing circles.

I’m not a racist, but won’t those black people in Chicago just burn it down and loot it?

Yes, you are a racist. Your stereotypes are showing. You have to give the Baggers credit; When they go full racist they leave no stone unturned:


Yes, and hopefully the Bears don’t win a Superbowl, otherwise white folks just might burn it and loot in good fun during their victory celebration that’s definitely not a riot.

I hate the President for being black.

It had to happen. The absolutely reprehensible a-holes just can’t stay away. While it’s fun to watch someone who just posted one of the above “they’ll just loot it” rants demonize these racists, because they’re real racists not just people who stereotype and hate black people, reading this garbage can get hazardous to your health at times:


Bwar har har. Monkeys and zoos and half-whites oh my. People just don’t understand how idiotic they look when they post this trash.

But of course, trash tends to post trash.

And then there’s this guy: The smartest man in the room will fill you with facts about the President.

This could be the fail of the day. This idiot, who divulged his IQ as being “consistently 130,” (as opposed to those of us who fluctuate), has it all figured out. President Obama was elected by white people because he was black.  You will absolutely LOVE his source:



Well dagnabit that just seals it. President Obama was elected by people who voted for him out of guilt and fear.  Howard Stern said so.

It is in no way possible that Howard Stern put together a bit for a shock jock show, (where he hides his racism behind the fact that he hired Robin), using selected people who gave him the desired result.  Howard Stern is by far the most credible person in the media today, so there you have it.

There’s really only one way to respond to that:






All screenshots are public posts on Facebook | Featured Image: Imgarcade

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