Right-Wing Terrorist Tried To Blow Up Walmart Because God Loves The Confederate Flag (IMAGES)

Well, it’s happened. We knew it was coming. Ever since the flag came down in South Carolina (and other places) and retailers across the country stopped carrying the archaic symbol of treason, we’ve known one of the loony followers would completely lose their shit. And, this one certainly did.

A right-wing, confederate flag loving, nut-job has “dun gone tried to blow up the Walmart.”

Marshall W. Leonard of Tupelo, Mississippi was, fortunately, not very good at being a domestic terrorist so no one was harmed in his attempted bombing of a Mississippi Walmart. It is reported that the 61-year-old set off an explosive in the North Gloster Walmart early Sunday morning. Tupelo Police Chief Bart Aguirre told local reporters that Leonard told an employee to run before he lit a package on fire and threw it into the store.

“The employee did run and was away from harm when the package went off. It wasn’t a large explosion. It didn’t cause a lot of damage to the store.”

The chief also said the bomb technicians determined the package held a quantity of explosives that could have been far more harmful if assembled differently. Thankfully, this guy didn’t know what he was doing.

Last week, the Daily Journal received a threat on their Facebook page from Leonard. It read:

Journal corporate, you are on final warning. You are part of the problem. As a result of this, y’all are going down, along with Walmart, WTVA, Reeds department store, and all the rest of the anti-American crooks. I’m not kidding. No messing around anymore!

Even more telling is a post on Leonard’s Facebook page that appeared hours prior to the Wal-Mart bombing. It followed a post he shared just a couple of days prior from USA Today which read, “Ole Miss removes state flag with confederate symbol.”

Image via Facebook screen capture

Image via Facebook screen capture

Within that posting was this photo. It hasn’t been confirmed but after adjusting the lighting and contrast, it does appear he shared a photo of the bomb making materials about 13 hours before he threw the package into the Wal-Mart.

Image via Facebook screen capture

Police arrested Leonard during a traffic stop after he ran a red light in front of the Walmart shortly after the bombing. If convicted, he faces a possible sentence of life in prison.

Featured image via Flickr (modified) and Lee County Sheriff’s Office

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