‘Very Rich, White’ High School Holds Up ‘Ugly Racist Signs’ Against Opposing Black Team (IMAGES)

One of the richest, whitest towns in the nation, Flower Mound, Texas, ranked by Time magazine as the 12th best place to live in 2014, and 2nd best place to find a job, just had its youth show off on just why it thinks its deserving of those rankings. In a boys high school varsity basketball game, Friday, against a mostly-black visiting Plano East team, some students decided it would be a good idea to hold up signs saying, “WHITE POWER,” on their home turf.

The incident left those who witnessed the episode first-hand in disbelief. Devin Gifford, a junior at Plano East who also plays baseball for the school, had this to say:

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This is ridiculous. I thought we passed the racial stage of society.

Onlookers said it happened late in the game, which ended up going triple over-time. Things especially heated up when racial slurs were also directed at Plano East players during the game, after a player became injured.

In addition to this, there are reports that Flower Mound students defecated and urinated on the Plano’s team bus, but so far the district has yet to confirm this, despite several students saying it happened.

Pic via NY Daily News.

Deanna Thompson, a Plano East parent, was livid:

To me, that’s criminal… It’s criminal, and it’s just sick. This was not a mistake.

Flower Mound High School is a predominantly white suburban school with over 3,171 students. As you can see in the table below, 81.2 percent of their student body is white, compared to an average of 33.3 percent for the entire state of Texas.

With this said, very few students are economically disadvantaged, with students performing well above the state average in passing TAKs scores. Only 3.2 percent of its students are considered economically disadvantaged, whereas the state average is 59 percent.

Pic via Texas Tribune.

Pic via Texas Tribune.

While this is certainly an example of racial and class divisions in America, not everyone in Flower Mound condones these despicable actions. Flower Mound’s head coach responded by saying this was “unacceptable,” and added that there was “no place for this.”

Some students, on the other hand, tried to justify the use of the signs, saying that “WHITE” obviously referred to the team’s colors. But, many did not believe that “POWER” fit into any of the school’s cheers.

It was an intense game — one of the best so far of the season — going triple over-time, with Flower Mound winning by an entire 2 points, 75-73. It’s highly doubtful being “white” had anything to do with their ability to win the basketball game, however.

H/T: Dallas News | Featured Image: via Twitter

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